A trip to Vancouver


Each morning usually brings something new out of Willis' mouth and from the minute his bright eyes open, we can usually be guaranteed to be awaken by some oddity.  My favourites are :  
Daddy, I have a wedgie.
Mommy, I got you a present.  It's a necklace.
I had a good sleep. How was your day?
I`m a big boy. Soon, I`m going to go to school and learn.
Willis`last statement usually leads me to freeze and realize that holy crap, in two short years my little one will in fact be going to school.  He already walks around with his backpack on saying : I`m a schoolboy.  In the meantime, he is content to sit next to me at the desk while I work and work on his `schoolwork`and he shows it with pride to his Daddy and gives us a glimpse of what kind of big boy he is going to become.
Willis can always make me smile!