The Power of Britney

I remember being 20ish years old, in my second year university in Quebec City and rolling my eyes when I saw Britney Spear's first music video. Trashy. Trampy. Gaudy. Not for me.
But that didn't last long.
I was soon obsessed.  Britney became my go to girl.  Something about her music that was able to pick me up, regardless how I felt.  I loved that she was ripped; so strong.  She motivated me when I was working out.  That's what I wanted.  Strength. Muscle definition. ABS. 
Later a friend gave me a lifesize cutout of Britney that I think her boyfriend had stolen from 7-11 during the Britney Pepsi campaign.  There was also posters and magazines, buttons and pins. Yup, I was all about Britney.  Even when Britney went down, shaved head, paparazzi attacking and all.  In my eyes, she still had it.  In fact, when designing my basement in our current house, I made sure to track down another lifesize cutout of Britney for the workout room.
When she announced her world tour a couple years ago, I was ecstatic. Of course I was going to go, but I had to convince someone to go with me as the tickets I wanted were only sold in pairs and 350$ each.  My brother stepped out out of obligation? love? desire to see hot female dance? whatever. He came with me and I got to see my idol perform and man, did she rock it.
Tonight was the Britanny/Britney episode of Glee. Two of my favourite things combined into one. Perfection. It made me want to dance, to sing...and have a love affair with John Stamos*.  Yum.  I guess that's the power of Britney; she lets you believe anything is possible.

*only under very very strong dental anesthetics would I chose John Stamos over husband. Very strong.