Old shoes.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was grade 8 and I had to have a pair. Everyone had a pair. My bff had an awesome pair in burgundy and I wanted one too. Now, this was likely like all the the fads of our adolescence... Esleep pajamas, polka dotted shirts, Chicago bulls puffy jackets, Mondetta shirts, I could go on but the images are scaring me...
A pair of the oh, so sacred Dr. Martens couldn't easily been like all the other fads. There's no way. I begged, I pleaded. I needed those docs. Well, mom and dad caved. I distinctly remember the trip to Aldo in the big city to get a pair. I chose black ankle boots. Classic. I remember mom cringed while she spent the 120$ on them. It was likely 120$ that my parents didn't have to spare. But I made it worth the money. I wore those babies with everything. Even sweats. Yikes. And long after they were 'out' of style, I kept them around, just in case.

Well, sure enough, this fall is the season of the military/combat boot and by god, I would do anything to have those docs back. I could still fit them and damn would they look great with my jeggings. I gotta find them....I need a pair.


  1. Hey I remember that day like it was yesterday,I new quality shoes would last for ever but 120$ I always liked them .

  2. you mean you threw those army boots out?


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