A trip to Vancouver

Moving to the rhythm

When I was a little girl, I was never one to dream about becoming a ballerina or a princess, nope, I would've rather played major league baseball or something a little more... aggressive.  I never took dance, but I wouldn't say I was completely a tomboy.  I loved team sports and playing hard.  Sometime after high school, team sports disappeared from my life (except during the glorious summers of ball).  No ringette, no volleyball.....I miss that part of me.  It was so easy to stay in shape, in fact, I don't think I ever had to think about whether or not I did my 5 days of workouts for the week.
Things are different now.  I have responsibilities at home: there are mouths to feed, floors to clean, social lives to organize.  The list goes on.  Up there on that list is taking care of myself and I've been busting my butt trying to find a routine that I love and alas, I think I'm finally there, years after I've given  up sports teams and have had to do it myself.  I feel like I've tried everything: Running. Walking. Step classes. Aerobics.  Frisbee....and I'm elated to have finally found my groove and not only that but to love every minute of it.
The key for me is variety, lack of instruction and music.  Turn that music up, let me dance and bam, you have one happy girl who hasn't even noticed that she's kept with her routine for over 7 weeks now. That has NEVER happened since high school.  I usually get bored way too easily.  I'm finally starting to see results and can't wait for the beginning of each week when Kyla and I plan our classes. There are so many fun things to try.  Like tonight. I even went to a ballet sculpt class.  (which reminded me more of a boot camp with pliers, demi-something or others and way too many squats)
Who knows maybe I'll be a dancer after all......ballerinadeena is back, yo.