La Lucia

When you were first born, your dad and I sat in bed many nights, wondering what kind of girl you will grow up to be; what values we wanted to instill, what morals we wish you to have.  We did this often for your brother as well, listing the admiral qualities we hope he will someday possess.  That was easy for us, envisioning your brother's grace, gratitude, strength.  Boys are born with a quirky confidence and fearlessness.  Girls, on the other hand are more complex, more sensitive.  Your dad, finally having a moment of enlightenment, told me one night that he could at last see the type of girl he hoped you'd become.  You would be the girl that could stand up for herself, that doesn't doubt her abilities and radiates confidence when she strides into the room.  You're the girl that snickers at the boys who feel it necessary to move in when you step up to the plate and then stare in awe when you crack the ball over their heads.  You are assertive, strong minded and confidant.  Intelligence and grace naturally come to you because you believe in yourself.
That's what we hope anyway,  the rest is up to you, my love.  Regardless what you do or become, you have a close family who'll love you just the way you are.
I found this video today, it made me think of the conversation your dad and I had about you when you were first born and it sums up my wishes for you more eloquently than I ever will.  Except, pardon the language near the end ;)
Love you,


  1. Love the post, Deena. And the video!


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