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I'm a big kid. Now.

Monday night was Willis' very first organized, unparented activity.  We decided to sign him up for Sports ABC at our local community association.  He was SO excited to get to play soccer or whatever sport it would be that day.  Willis loves to run and play, surely he would adore this.  I wasn't too surprised when he was too shy to join the group of 6 kids in the middle, I knew that eventually he'd warm up to them and want to participate.  I loved watching him do the stretches with everyone....still keeping his distance. Then just like that, he was right in there, tearing up the place.  I haven't been so entertained in a long time, it was hilarious watching him sprint back and forth, back and forth for 30 minutes straight. Seriously, weren't lines and laps supposed to be torture device used at practices?  But not for our Will, he loved it.  Eventually things got a tad out of control (don't they always with a 3 year old) and it was all about the race. The "I winned".  That was all Will could focus on and will definitely be a working point for us in the next bit: the how to keep that competitive edge to life, but still stay grounded and try your hardest regardless. Always something to learn!  I was mostly proud of Will because there was another little boy who was taunting him and was inches from his face after each "race" saying "you stink" and other absurdities....I may have drawn blood biting my cheeks and I'm not gonna lie, I was ready to pick that kid up by his collar and give him a little talking to. But instead of erring on his mommy's lack of patience side, Willis just stood there, staring at the little boy, ignoring him! I have never been so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if only I could have heard the things he was saying in his mind..........
Here's a quick video of last night's adventures.  The last segment was from supper after. Willis adores my cousin, K.C and luckily she was around and came to the class with us.  While eating spaghetti Willis decided he was going to pull a "Lady and the Tramp". The kid has NEVER seen that movie. Oi, I have a competitive Rico Suave on my hands. What next?

Will & the gym from Dee on Vimeo.


  1. This is such a cute video! I love that the little boys are able to join activities now - it's so much fun to watch!


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