From drab to fab.

Yesterday was a blah day.  Must've been the dreary weather making for an equally drab mood.  Nothing red wine couldn't cure.
Today, however, was a perfect day.  Willis was still a little testy but he got rid of the Dennis the Menace attitude by the afternoon and everything was perfect again in life.  Sara and Aiden came over for a playdate in the morning. The boys painted pictures together.  Nothing like a coffee with a good friend to start the day off right.  In the afternoon Aunty Kyla and Kinsey came over and we had an awesome time.  The girls played (okay, they stared at each other) while Kyla and Willis made a craft and then we topped off the afternoon with a visit to the park.  A simple day it was, but it put me in the best of spirits and I easily found that little hop in my step that can be lost after a day in the rain.