A trip to Vancouver


I feel like I've had a lot on my plate lately and I think it's starting to wear me down.  My brain has had a lot to deal with in the past year with the crap that life throws at you: accidents, strokes, old age and health scares....  I think finally it's taking a tole on me mentally/emotionally.  I'm wiped. I'm cried out.  I have no energy to put into my friendships, which is odd because I'm normally all over that.  Little things scare the bejebus out of me and I can't stop thinking about how fragile life is and how scared I am to lose it.  These are things that I've normally been able to wrap my brain around but this week they have taken over and consumed me.

So my crappy week is out there, I've blogged it even, so it's even more real.  Now I've got to figure out how I'm going to get out of it.  Normally when I feel like I'm breaking down, there are a couple things that I know I can do that will help heal me.  1-shopping! or 2-time with friends.  Husband will be glad to know that I have not resorted to retail therapy this time around :)
In fact, in the midst of this mental turmoil, I've found a new way to deal with my stress: le gym.  Working out has never been more fun and is the top of my priority list right now.  I think it has mostly been so kickass-tacular because I've been working out with my lovely sister and she's super motivating.  We do all kinds of awesome activities and I've never felt so good about myself physically.  We do Zumba, Raggaetone & Latinlicious classes at ClubMynx.  These are upbeat, high intensity cardio classes that don't make me think I'm doing cardio. More like making me feel like I'm 20 again, dancing on the speakers at Champs.  When we're not sweating our booty off, we're buildling muscle at Group Power classes at WorldGym.  Except today we accidentally went to a Physique class and now my core muscles hate me.
Anyway, I think my point is that I know that life won't always be all sunshines and lollipops and it's going to rain and pour and that little black cloud will likely follow me around for a bit.  I get that and I can recognize it.  The difference is that earlier this week all I could see was that black cloud and it was ruling my life, it wasn't until I realized what an awesome effect good company and workouts was having on me did I have that "Ah, hah!" moment and was able to see past it.  Now I'm feeling a ga-zillion times better and the hop is back in my step.  I celebrated this energy reburst by mall walking with Kyla and the little girls this afternoon.  Okay, so I can't stay away from the mall. It's a part of me, what can I say. I LOVE window shopping.  Oh, and I LOVE new nailpolish colours for fall!  A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.  Just saying.


  1. sunnier weather will lift your spirits too!


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