I would say I have done some pretty cool things in my life: beat boys in grade school races, placed in provincial piano competitions, took off on an exchange in grade eleven to assert my independence, became fluent in a language I did not grow up speaking at home, taught my brother and brothers in law and didn't go crazy, hit on the hottie in the green track pants and then married him, birthed two children...
I could go on. Life has been good to me. But why is it, at the end of the day, after weeks of single parenting while husband is away working in Toronto, why is it that getting these two angels to sleep at night, safe and snug in my bed,  feels like the greatest and most important thing I could ever accomplish in life?


  1. don't they ever look alike when side by each like that?

  2. What a sweet, sweet picture! Amen to that feeling like a huge accomplishment!


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