The Rhythm is going to get ya

As I get older, I am forgetting more and more little details of the past.  You know, the who did what whens and
what happened on that day, but then there are certain memories that are etched into my brain.  One specific.  It's grade 6 and OMG, I find out the New Kids on the Block are coming to Saskatoon. It was the highlight of my little life.  My dad, being the awesome Dad, camped outside that place near the South Hill Mall where you had to stand in line to get tickets. STAND IN LINE! As if, like we ever had to do that. I remember it being 3 am and having sleeping bags and not being able to even rest, giddy with anticipation.  And we got the tickets and I went to my very first concert, up in the nosebleed section, on the side by the stage and everything about that concert is fresh in my mind.
That concert started off an appreciation for music, for entertainment and for the performing arts.  Since then I've been to many concerts and shows and I have loved every single one.  This past weekend my sister and I went to Michael BublĂ©.  Wow.   He's hilarious and sexy all wrapped into a hot package and topped off with that voice, of that deep, rich, melt your heart voice.  Incroyable!  It was a great show. 

But it's not the only great show that I've been to.  While sitting at the show between acts, sipping our beer, Kyla and I tried naming the concerts of the past.  Here's what I came up with. I've likely forgotten some. Damn you, memory.

NKOTB, circa grade 6
Backstreet Boys (more for my sister's enjoyment-I was too cool in high school)
Reba Mcintyre (FRONT ROW!!)
John Michael Montgomery
John Berry
Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
Elton John times 3.  (This is one of the highlights-seeing one of my favourite musicians perform live not once but three times...he never ceases to amaze me)
Britney Spears!!!! (I had to drag my brother b/c he was the only one who'd pay 350$ for 7th row tickets...he loves me that much, and well, he knows how much I LOVE my Britney!)
Lady Gaga (then a nobody, opening for the New Kids)
The New Kids (twice in a year...once in Edmonton, the youngest I've felt in ages...and then again in Saskatoon where we got to meet Donnie Wahlberg!)
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Michael Bublé
Beyonce (Front row for a portion of her set list!)
Jann Arden (amazing composer/singer)

And that's what I came up with. Then I found me some pictures !


  1. Yay for fun concerts! I think I have a different haircut in each photo. I think seeing Beyonce up close was pretty sensational, and getting a hug from Donny, although a hug from Mark Walhberg (?) would be WAY better.

  2. Michael Buble....Huhhhhhh....He is SO dreamy.


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