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Party boy. 1.

About a month ago, when we started discussing his upcoming birthday party, Willis requested a Peter Pan party.  I gave him other options....Toy Story?  Pool ?.....but he had Peter Pan etched in his mind from watching the timeless classic with us on a family movie night months back.  So a Peter Pan party it was.  Over the weeks, his idea of the party grew more specific and favourable towards Captain Hook, so I decided to take it to another level and voila, we've got costumes.
Rewind 25 years. 
You see, planning perfect parties is not something alien to me.  My mom threw the best birthday parties from backyard treasure hunts, to dress up parties to backwards parties...the list goes on.  And if I could locate any of the pictures, I'd scan them for proof.  High, backcombed bangs of our youth and all.  So naturally, planning a party for my little munchkins should take on the same grandeur as the f├Ętes I was blessed with growing up.....just wait til these boys..and a couple girls are old enough for games and prizes and themes.....
For this year, Peter Pan was the theme.  My little pirate got his crocodile cake (I previously hated cake making, but now after this experience and tidbits from Heidi and Kyla, I LOVE it!)...and he got his costume.  I made Dan a Peter Pan costume and I was Tinkerbell  (also hated sewing, but now that I"m getting the hang of it, I don't mind it) and ordered some favours from my favourite costume/party supplier, obviously you can guess what we'll be for Halloween this year....
We had a great turn out of friends...which consisted basically of my 2 groups of girlfriends and their kids...there are the high school friends with all their boys and then my ball friends with....all their boys.  A  couple friends I've met through work and then the ever important aunts and uncles and voila, we have ourselves a party!!!!!
Tomorrow is Willis' actual birthday and we'll be heading off to P.A to celebrate with the Grandparents and other Aunts and Uncles.
Yay for parties.


  1. arghh, perhaps i am to blame re dan's tight wearing episode!

  2. I wandered who was int he costume!! Did Dan request that cut his head out of the picture?? And where is the picture of tinker bell?

    I still remember the swimming pool cake your mom made and specifically the back combed bangs that went along with it. You should really find that picture and post it. It is a gooder!

    You are such a great party planner.... I thought it was just for adults, but it turns out you are even better with kids parties. From the cake to the costumes... you are one great mommma! Lucia and Willis are lucky kiddos.


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