I'm stealing the idea for this post from the bff who posted back in June about her bridesmaid experiences. Now it's my turn to take a stroll back on memory lane as I wrapped up my career as a bridesmaid this past weekend at Alynne's wedding.
Rewind to 2000.  In my 3rd year university all the people around me were in serious relationships and I wasn't even close.  My friend/roommate, Holly, had her man (they'd get engaged later that year), and my two closest girlfriends at that time, Alison and Kelly both got engaged.  Ali, Kelly and I graduated high school together and then moved on to pursue our dream careers at our chosen institutions. Alison and I went to U of R and Kelly was at U of S but we maintained close ties despite our distance from our high school friend.  Being that I was nowhere close to being engaged, it was very easy to be overjoyed for them and to put everything I had into the planning of their weddings.  The summer of 2001 were the chosen dates....July 7th and July 21...2 weeks apart.  The dresses purchased (each under 100$-awesome!)  Stagettes and bridal shower were had....Alison had a drunken golfing excursion and for Kelly's we were at Candle lake, also consuming far too much Sour Puss or was it tequila..... 
I'll never forget the day of Kelly's bridal shower, May 26, as it'd be the last time I'd see her.  She was killed in a car accident on June 14th, 5 weeks before her wedding.  This was the Thursday before Alison's shower/stagette but we did Alison's shower anyway on the was comforting being around friends during such a tragic time.  Even 3 weeks later at Alison's wedding, it was clear that Kelly was there and we laughed and cried and celebrated Mike and Ali's day, knowing that regardless what happens, one is never forgotten because we never stop loving. 2 weeks later was proof of that as we gathered on Kelly's wedding day with her family and friends and remembered.  She would have been a beautiful bride. I did bring back her bridesmaid dress at my cousin's wedding that August- I felt I needed to get a good time out of it for her!
I wouldn't be a bridesmaid again until my bff's wedding in September of 2005.  It was in Calgary, at Heritage Park and it rained, but not just a light shower rain, it freaking rained.  But that wouldn't stop the fun!  I loved every minute of Christy's wedding and I LOVED our bridesmaid dresses.   I loved my hair, the makeup...everything.  And I was honoured to stand next to her as her MOH and pledge my unwaivering support of their journey!  Someday when I'm skinny again I'm going to wear her bridesmaid dress because it was that awesome.  Maybe my goal should be for Sarah and Andrew's wedding next summer.

2 years later my beautiful little sister married her handsome prince  in October of 2007.  It was a picturesque, yet crisp day in the P of A. Kyla was stunning. Her dress was perfect and everything went beautifully.  I had a little 3 month old Willis at that point but I still found time to enjoy her day as her MOH. I love my sister.  Thsi also marks my very first wedding video that unleashed an onslaught of new career dreams for me.  It took me 5 months to make. Thankfully that time has been significantly reduced.
*note: serious look on face was my way of trying not to cry while walking up the aisle.

Fast forward 3 years and it's this summer.  My other two beautiful friends, Candace and Alynne are set to be married.  Candace in June and Alynne in August.  Now, I was scared  for Candace's because I didn't even know if I'd make it to her wedding.  I was due June 19, her wedding on the 26th...but alas, my Lucia pulled through and voila, I got to see her marry her soulmate while my sweet little 2 week old slept soundly in the crying room with my ma.  Candace's wedding was beautiful, especially the colour was so fresh and the room's atmosphere was so cheery, matching the beautiful bride's disposition!  I also love my dress for her wedding, but I had to buy a maternity style, not knowing if I'd be preggers or not still.  I should have it brought in so I can sport that one again next's such a fun colour.

Finally, the last wedding as bridesmaid for me: Alynne!  Alynne was a stunning bride. She radiates love and peace and grace and I just love being around her.  Her wedding was a fantastic time and I think her ceremony was one of the nicest, most sincere and authentic I've seen.  The dresses and colours were fabulous and I enjoyed my time, dancing with my little man while my little girl snuggled up with my family and friends.    
This girl has seen a lot of weddings, but it's always the weddings of close friends that makes me smile the most.  My girlfriends have become my sisters and it's an honour to be able to share their fairytale dream days with them.