The best things in life....

by - August 27, 2010

So many great things in my life to focus on right now.
I love being able to take a walk at night while the sun sets, painting the sky shades of pink and purple.  I especially love walking during the end of summer and early fall.  The air is crisp and fresh, the aroma of freshly mowed lawn lingers in the air and I easily fall into step with the rhythm of the cricket's evening song.  Relaxing.  So many people just roll their eyes at the thought of living in booooring Saskatchewan.  Not me. I love the fresh air, the space and the ability to see the sun set for miles.
Now that the sun is setting earlier, I find I have more time to enjoy the cozy warmth of my house.  The blinds are drawn, jazz music is playing on the TV, a beer is cracked, the fireplace is warming up and Willis and Lucia are asleep (this last point seems to be key in relaxation à la Deena).  My lamp is lit and this area becomes my favourite little corner to cuddle up in and unwind at night.  Très comforting.  It makes me love the changing of the seasons that much more.

I also love it when I'm craving something unhealthy while grocery shopping and I pick out the most splendid 6-layer dip. Yum.  I then proceed to sit down at my computer to blog and treat myself, only starting to feel a bit guilty about indulging when I had just had a most invigorating walk.  Damn you, guilt.  But wait, as I go to check the nutritional content of this delectable dish, I see that there is no label in site. YES, my taste buds scream, as I ignore the little nutrionista-sista sitting on my shoulder reminding me that I'm better than that. Yes, I still indulge but as my curiosity grows and my craving subsides, I decide to pick up the dish, because really, shouldn't everything be marked and if this one isn't marked then what the blurg am I eating?  I stealthily lift the dish  and look under to see that blasted label.  Alas, the glorious 6 layer dish is not that bad for me but with all that work and thought it has lost it's appeal and now I've lost the train of thought for this blog. Oops.
Well, I guess that leaves me with nothing but my cozy corner to snuggle up in with my current love, Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon's series.
Bonne nuit.

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  1. How do you keep your house so clean? Please tell me the secret! I want to come and relax at your house.

  2. Ahhh Jamie Fraser, how I do love you....


  3. I was thinking the same thing, Christy!


Have a lovely day!