Today we celebrated Lucia and Kinsey's baptisms.   I have a feeling this won't be the last time these two girls get to celebrate life's event together.  Both girls were very well behaved and made their mommies and daddies very proud.  Willis was equally well behaved, asking millions of questions about every single thing that was going on.  We were blessed that our family came to share with us the beginning of Lucia's faith journey as I believe that it's the family that makes a child's moral foundations stronger.  If Lucia and Willis can see their grandparents and their aunts and uncles live virtuous lives then I think their lives will be that much better because of that.  It's times like these that I wish Uncle Josh and Uncle Rob lived in the same city.  We miss seeing them on special occasions...nevermind, I miss seeing them on all occasions.
We chose Uncle Chris and Aunty Marina as Godparents for Lucia and I don't think we could've made a better choice.  We wanted a couple who lived with strong morals, the 'gospel' values as said by the priest today and for me they do exactly that.  They care and they put family first and they are great role models for my kids.  So thank you, Chris and Marina for standing up  for Lucia today.
We also have the honour of being Kinsey's Godparents.  We look forward to guiding her in her faith journey and hopefully being able to live by example.
Thanks again to all the Simair/Park/Golightly clan that took the time to celebrate with us today, it truly made our little girl's day very special.