Ah, the bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

by - August 25, 2010

Back to school was a dreaded but exciting time every year.  Dreaded because of the loss of summer and freedom and the ability to read books until the wee hours of the morning.  Exciting because of the new beginnings that a new year offers.
Growing up I can distinctly remember the anticipation leading up to the first days of school.  Who'd be my teacher? Who'd be in my class?  Would there be any new students?  I gleefully went shopping for my "back to school" outfit.  Always from Sears.  Usually always purple.  This also usually tended to be the outfit I'd choose for school photos.  There was nothing more exciting to me than my new desk with pencils neatly sharpened in a row.  Opening up those cahiers for the first time and organizing binders.  My notes always started off so neat at the beginning of the year and my penmanship was impeccable.
High school was just as exciting.  New classes, new teachers, new text books to crack up and sometimes learn from.  Boys. Parties.  Limits to push with the parents.  New seasons of activities that would begin: ringette, volleyball, piano, the possibilities were endless.
There's something about the shifting of tides in the year that makes me giddy.  No wonder I chose to become a teacher; I get to experience exactly that every single year.  New students, new colleagues, new classes and as always, the brand new pencils and pens lined up on my desk, ready to start a new year.
This year is different.  I'm not going to work today. Nope, I instead had a playdate with old friends and their kids and we giggled and remembered and chatted like no time had gone by at all. This is my new reality.  I'll definitely miss the "teacher" part of me.  I love my school, the staff and most importantly the students that I see every day.  But I have a more important job lined up this year.  I get to raise my little boy and little girl.  I get to teach them the important things in life, like how to love fiercely and to give constantly and that hugs can make everything better.  I'm grateful to have this year at home with Willis and Lucia.  I know that time flies and that I need to cherish every day with them, regardless the level of craziness that comes with.  The new school year for me will bring a 3 year old,  spending one of his last years at home with his mommy.  Playing with friends, making crafts, going to soccer and the pool and the gym and baking pies and muffins and cookies and loving every last minute of it, because before I know, I'll be bringing him to the mall, to get his back to school outfit so he can experience all the exciting firsts that a new year can bring.

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