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True Blue.

I found myself a true blue friend once upon a time, 26 some years ago.  It was the first day of Kindergarden and she asked me if I'd play blocks with her.  I quickly ran over to my mom to ask if I could, she said yes and Christy and I have been best friends ever since. 
Christy wrote a sweet post about our friendship which perfectly describes how wonderful a good friend can be and if I would've thought of it first, I would've said the exact same things.
Today is her birthday, so in honour of that, here are some beautiful photos of our wonder years.
Love ya my true blue!


Look how much we've grown! 2 weeks apart are we, and just turning three!

Willis loves playing with Jarek, who is my cousin Renee's son.  Renee and I are only 3 months apart and grew up very close.  It's awesome to be able to share not only our childhoods, adolescence and adulthood together but now to share the journey of motherhood.  She's also very lucky I haven't scanned the very unflattering photos of us growing up and therefore won't be posting them to show how much better we've gotten with age :) This is all I've got, folks. Only the cute today.

Ah, he makes me laugh.

Willis is the most entertaining kid to bring along on the road.  He doesn't stop telling us stories, singing ridiculous songs with made up words, locating interesting shaped clouds in the sky, playing "Eye spy my little eye"...he is awesome!
While we were driving to B.C last week, he kept saying the funniest random things. Here are my favourites:

Trucks are very high!
Home depot is dead? (when he saw a Walmart without a Home Depot next to it)
I'm serious.
There's no mooses in the mountains.
We're on the moon! (while playing changing the settings on our garmen)
Armpits are yucky. My armpits stink.
My tummy says I'm tired.

***I love having a 3 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been wanting to, meaning to post something about my Grandma and how much she means to me....but my brain is just to scattered right now to figure out how to say what I want to say. I'll keep working on that one. In the meantime, I've had many useless thoughts being processed, so maybe if I share them, then that'll clear the way for something more meaningful.
 I'm not the type of parent I thought I'd be. Every idea I had of the mom I'd be is out the window.  I let Willis watch T.V...usually when I have to get something done, like feed Lucia, or make supper, or when he's uncooperative and I need a time out.  I haven't spoken nearly enough French to him as I had wanted to.  I'll throw in a word here or there, but for a french teacher, I'm disappointingly lazy.  He has, however started to initiate french with me, saying "Bonjour, maman" and man, is it cute.  I'm going to have to start making more of an effort.  I don't take…

Le trois.

Roadlog : Part three of our coastal journey.  Water and a wedding.

Willis is definitely my son. He was born to swim and float and frolic in the water under the hot summer sun.  For 2 days that is all he did.  Clad in his sporty lifejacket, he threw rocks to the Abby, the dog, he shark attacked any innocent bystanders, he chased golf balls and he harassed his Uncle Robs to join him in his fun.
Naturally, Kyla and I were quick to join him, loving the feel of fresh Okanagan water on our skin.  I could’ve stayed there for days. Actually, that’s all I did when I was younger:  float in the water and take the occasional break to read a book in the sun.  C’est la vie. 
Willis had plenty of friends around him, casually acquainting himself with my cousin, Tracy’s kids: Dezlyn and Phoenix.  He would become more attached to Phoenix later at the wedding, chasing her and playing games with her in my Uncle’s yard.  Willis was also fortunate enough to enjoy a boat ride with Grandpa as they towed aro…

Journey. Le deux.

Roadlog : Part two of our journey.  Destination: Vernon.

Christy thought I was crazy when I said we’d be on the road at 7 a.m, but we were on a mission, so by 7:30 we were cruising out of the city, mountain bound.  We now had a motorcade Park style, having joined up with the Golightly clan in Canmore.  Willis was ecstatic to “bump” into Grandma, Kinsey and Aunty Kyla and Uncle Rob.  I think the only words that came out of his mouth were: “Yayayayayayayyayayayayayaya”. 

We had made the journey to BC two summers ago, but Willis was just turning one and obviously didn’t have any recollection, so needless to say, he was quite excited to see mountains.  This kid didn’t need any entertaining, his backpack was ignored as he took in the sights.  Grandma had him convinced there were the Billy Goats Gruff underneath every bridge and on every mountain side, so he was constantly asking if this or that was a Billy Goat.  Surprisingly, the persistent “why, Mommys” never annoyed me, Willis is a very…

On the road.

Roadlog: Part one of Journey. Destination : Calgary
Kia from Korea packed to the max. Check.
Plenty of entertainment for busy 3 year old at arm’s reach. Check.
Camera and video camera stored at my feet to capture priceless moments.  Check.

The first leg of our family vacay is a simple one. Make it to Calgary without being bored to death. That drive is sooo dull. I was banking on Willis being in a good mood so that he would at least keep us entertained. And that he did. Willis pointed out dragon and gorilla shaped clouds (wtf!?), cows, canola fields, and sang songs all the way to Kindersley. He pouted, wanting to “get out”, “stop”, or “go home” occasionally, demanding that Daddy turns around, but then in the same breath he’d say “go faster, Daddy, to the mountains and we’ll see Grandma and Grandpa”. Lucia slept the 2 hours until Kindersley while Mommy and Daddy would try to have adult conversations that were peppered with colourful comments by Will. Our dream acreage….twinkle, twinkle…

Bedtime stories

Once upon a time there were ….
Noooooo I don’t want a story. What!  My stories are the best stories. Listen for two minutes and tell me if it’s okay. Noooooo… What if I tell a story about a polar bear…or six trees and seven pies? Nooooo… A cloud? Nooooo……
You want me to tell you story about Police and Lightning McQueen? No. Police. And he was fast. And Lightning said slow down. He told the police to slow down?  The police thought they were soo good and they forgot that people were watching them and the police said who’s going to make me slow down. And Lighting said slow down and the people threw the police in jail. Why? The police had to go to jail b/c they weren’t listening.  Police should be the good guys. (Eyelids are now bobbing)
Lightning is fast. Lightning McQueen is so fast that he went to drive to Florida. Do you know where Florida is?  What the interstate is? Yup. And he took the interstate and was going super fast, so fast that he drove right thorugh Oregon and didn’t even notice.


I always pictured my family consisting of myself and husband…and three or four kids.  But now I’m uncertain.  I’m stuck on the fence, way out there in right field, where decisions have to be made. 
I don’t normally take forever to make up my mind, humming and hahhing over the insignificant details, weighing out all the options. I’m more of a spontaneous, compulsive, do now, regret later, type of girl. But the decision of having 2 or 3 children isn’t one to be taken lightly.  This isn’t H&M anymore, Toto and you can’t just pick a kid off the rack like you would a beautiful new dress or a shiny new pair of shoes.   My husband is pro-2 and has valid points, ranging from more one on one time, the ability to start doing fun things right away….I could go on.   Personally, I’ve always wanted more than two, maybe b/c I came from a family of three.  We all got a long, we did fun things together and we’re even closer now.  I’m scared that two won’t be enough.  What if Willis and Lucia don…

it all comes together

It only makes sense that when you have a craptacular couple days, that eventually the sun shines and all is well.  Today was that day for me and it was sleep that was key.  It was like Lucia knew that I desperately needed more than 3 hours at a time, so she gave me 5. What a fantastic daughter.  Remind me to tell her that when she's older.  On top of her being so considerate, Willis was a complete angel and didn't stop to dispute, hands on hips, any of my decisions during his bedtime routine.  So a night like that only naturally leads to a better day.  Everything came together today and I feel 100% better.  Isn't that what learning to be a mom is about?  Somehow finding the balance between who you were before and the person you become when you are made into a mommy.  That's the ebb and flow of life now; finding a way to balance a juxtaposition of two different lives and I think I've found my peace, well for the time being anyway.


I am not the perfect parent and I definitely have many moments during the week where I question my abilities, decisions and sanity.  Last night was one of those nights and I really felt like I was a horrible parent.  Let me set the stage.  Husband is working out of town for the week* and so both the kids were on my watch.  Sleep deprivation was catching up with me, but it wasn't necessarily the lack of sleep, but more the lack of uninterrupted sleep.  Lucia is a good eater and only has me up every 4 hours.  But me with any sort of sleep deprivation is a scary sight: I don't function well.  So I'm tired and well, Willis is 2, turning 3 next month and sometimes I forget that and when he's pushing all the buttons that a 3 year old can only find, and Lucia is wanting the one thing only I can give her, and I'm tired and it's getting late and.......well, I lost it.  I looked like the 3 year old.  I yelled, I slammed doors, I cried.  I think Willis was confused.  Norm…

Showers in the fowecast.

Hello, my name is Lucia Kelly Simair and if I could talk I would tell you about my special day.  Today was  baby shower.  I chose to sleep right through it, much like my brother did for his 3 years ago.  Mommy is very lucky to have beautiful friends who put together this shindig.  I didn't think I'd have a shower because I'm baby number two and well, for some reason baby number twos tend not to be showered.  I do like wearing my brother's cloths, but really, I think I look like a boy in blue.  So luckily Mommy's friend, Heidi the hairdresser, wanted to put together a little shower with the theme of "frozen meals".  That was probably the best gift ever because my mommy is way too tired to cook and Daddy is travelling, so she appreciates the extra help.   Even though I slept happily in the swing all night, I did enjoy being occasionally pestered by one of the numerous boys present.  Why does Mommy's friends have so many boys? Kinsey, Sienna and I had to…


This Canada Day long weekend has been great in many ways.  Not only have I had a chance to just sit back, relax and ignore my to-do list, but I've also thought everyday should be Sunday and was always thrilled to realize I had a couple more days of my family at home.  That family time is key and with a hard working husband and a busy household, it's rare that we have a weekend at home with nothing on the agenda.
Sometimes I feel like multitasking is all I'm capable of, especially when I rarely sit down and focus on one task.  In fact, as I write this I'm sipping a coffee, eating  reese's peanut butter cup and watching the Jays play while Lucia rocks in the chair next to me.  My book is sitting at my side in case I feel the urge to read, the iPhone is nowhere to be found, which would astound my sister.  Husband is busy working away at the kitchen table and Willis is peacefully napping upstairs.  This has been the everyday afternoon picture of this family; everyone …

Favourite things

Raindrops on roses? Whiskers on kittens? Bright paper packages tied up in strings? These are not a few of my favourite things.  If you were, however, to spend 5 minutes in my head, you would likely feel like you were in a musical.  And although I love the Sound of Music, I do not share the same list of favourites with Maria. My list would look like this:
Time spent writing cards of gratitude for all the thoughtful things that have been done for our family in the past 3 weeks.
Curling up with a book (recommended by sister) and a good cup of coffee and some chocolate.  I've been having serious chocolate cravings lately.  Love to indulge!
Time not spent washing the walls that are decked with the greasy handprints of an active, healthy, fun loving boy.  Willis does laps around our stairs.  Voila le proof.
Holidays spent with the family.  And nothing gets more favourite on my list than that.