A trip to Vancouver

These are the moments...

I better get this post done before I forget.  There are so many insignificant events that happened once upon a time that if I don't put them down somewhere, they will vanish from my memory.  Even if they are insignificant and minute, they do play a very important part in our little girl's story......
The moments that I'd like to forget:
  • My water breaking and knowing that it'd likely be awhile before anything happened and I'd meet my baby.  Also water leakage isn't pleasant, neither are mesh underwear and grannypads for that matter.
  • The antepartum wing of the hospital.  I was there for 24hours before I was moved to labour and delivery.  The nursing staff were less than welcoming, only coming in once to check on me.  
  • The loud mouth nurse who felt the need to tell stupid stories all. night. long. Seriously, no one was listening and people were trying to sleep, lady.  If I had a ball, I would've thrown it at her head. 
  • The neverending supply of student nurses/doctors/residents.  I lost count at how many different people had been in the delivery room.
  • The hour of pushing. 'Nuff said.
  • The 3 day extended vacation in the postpartum wing.  Nobody likes you jaundice, you can just go away.  Same goes for hospital food and the countless times I was asked the exact same questions. I should've just made a poster that said, "No, I don't have any allergies."
That being said, those were the only unpleasant moments of our experience.  Everything else was all rainbows and sunshine.

The moments I'll never forget:
  • Telling Dan that my water broke.  He was half asleep and it took a bit to register, but the smile he had was priceless.  Nothing beats knowing that you will soon be meeting your little one.
  • The love from friends and family.  Thank goodness for my iPhone, it kept the messages of support and encouragement coming from my friends and I tell you, when you're laying there, all alone in the forgotten wing of the hospital, going crazy because some loudass nurse won't shut the hell up, it just took some texts from my friends and family to keep me sane.
  • The jacuzzi tub (which I give credit for commencing labour Friday morning).  Nothing like a hot bath while reading Eclipse. 
  • The staff in labour and delivery.  Dan thinks I was teamed with the best nurse who suited my style best.  She kept smiling, was young and had nice hair and even had a lipgloss in her fanny pack.  My type of girl.  We also had the most awkwardly funny student nurse who at first annoyed me, but then had me killing myself laughing every time he'd open his mouth.  Really, who asks you while he's putting in your I.V what else is new in your life.  Buddy, I'm about to push out a baby, what do you think is new?
  • The last couple pushes, knowing my little baby would be out and I'd finally be done. I hated pushing this time around.  
  • When they put the baby on me and didn't bother to tell me if baby was a boy or a girl.  I got to pull up one leg and check her out, proudly yelling "She's a girl!"
  • Every moment that followed....the first call to Kyla to let her know so she could inform the family, the texts to the rest of the friends and family, those first stolen glances into the closest thing to Godliness and perfection.  My little girl.  A girl.  Lucia.  Willis' sister.  Daddy's little girl.  It took awhile for me to wrap my brain around that one; I was convinced I was having a boy, who would've been named Beckam (Will's choice), by the way.  And I'm not going to lie, I did accidentally call her a he a couple times, purely out of habit.  But I got my girl.  A girl who would bare a beautiful friend's name, a friend who was taken away  from us 9 years ago.  A friend who is missed every day.  Kelly.  A perfect middle name for my perfect little girl.  Lucia.  Like the tropical island.  And she's already bringing so much sunshine into our lives.


  1. Great post, Deena. Stupid Antepartum nurses. I love Dan's smile and the lifting of her leg!

  2. Congratulations on your adorable little girl Deena. You have a beautiful family. I can't remember how I came across your blog but I am so glad I did, you have great stories. All the best to you and your family.


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