School Photos


Thank you, Willis for cuddling up on the couch with me last night when I had no energy left to run in circles.
Thanks for wanting to watch Cinderella with me and for laughing your head off when Gus Gus says "Happy Birthday" instead of "Surprise".
Thank you for keeping me constantly entertained on these slow days off before baby comes, with your imaginative games.
Thank you for helping me weed the garden even if it meant you pulling out the cucumbers because they looked suspicious.
Thank you for loving your little cousin, Kinsey and wanting to hold her and tell her stories all the time.
Thank you for potty training yourself this week, I love seeing the pride you have when you've done it all by yourself and decide to announce to everyone in the house, regardless if it's packed with people at Kinsey's baby shower.
Thank you for long afternoon naps that give me time to either cuddle in beside you and rest for those 3 hours or to simply read a book and watch you sleep.
Thank you for wanting to take my nail polish off every time I put it on, I guess that way it'll never chip and my nails will always look fresh as I'm forced to repaint them regularly.
Thank you for loving your aunts, uncles and grandparents.  It makes it much easier knowing you will be in good hands when I have to go to the hospital for baby.
Thank you for your entertaining versions of the stories we read.  I enjoy the way you can tell them back to me by memory and a couple dashes of creative additions to the story.
Mostly, thanks for being the lovable little boy that you are!