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Papa X2

I can distinctly remember ball diamonds. The hot summer sun.  Sunflower seeds.  Unwanted roadtrips to random tournaments with Dad's ball team in Broadview, yeesh, almost as absurd as Carnduff. I also can recall an intense pride for my Dad.  He was the greatest, the strongest, the fastest and the best hitter out there.  Fearlessly I would chase foul balls during the countless games I attended in Shellbrook.  I would unabashedly argue with other children that my Dad was better at ball. And he was, in my eyes.  I always saw my Dad as the greatest Dad out there and I still do.  He's the guy who'll drop anything to be there for one of his kids. He's the guy who taught me to run bases, to swing  through the hips, to keep your eye on the ball.  My Dad has taught me many other lessons in life, but the most important that I've retained, is to love. Love intensely and unhesitatingly.  He's the best, my Dad.

The other Dad in my life is my husband.  Not mine, but for now I'm acting on Lucia and Willis' behalf.  I love to spoil Dan, because he's so humble and simple and he doesn't ask for much.  Our Father's Day celebrations were just like him; laid back.  We started the day with gifts and then some outdoor fun on Willis' "waterslide" (wet banana), prepping the pool.  We went for a walk to the park in a very Cinderella-esque setting with the chirping birds and everything.  It was so perfect that I swear the wildlife would've flocked around me had I broke out into song.  Uncle Robbie swung by to say bye and to chase Will on the slides (Willis adores his Uncles, but that's another post altogether).  We then went for a walk with Kinsey, Ky and Robbie.  Simple yet perfect.  After lunch we took Daddy to a matinee showing of Toy Story 3.  I don't know who enjoyed it the most out of us 4 kids, but I think I may be a front runner.  Dan giggled, Willis snuggled into Dad and kept pointing and yelling at Buzz and Woody.  Lucia was a doll and slept all snugly and warm on me.  Meanwhile I was a kid again.  I LOVED Toy Story 10 years ago and I love Toy Story now.  I was the new University student who insisted on having my Toy Story sheets with me in my dorm.  I know, I'm a nerd.  It was great to spend that time with my family.  I never would have guessed that 10 years from my original obsession, I would be curling up to another movie with my family.  Perfect. 
We ended our great day with a dip in Marina's pool with Uncle Chris and Dan and then in our own pool.
All the elements of a perfect day, makes for a happy mommy who's still very much in love with her babies' daddy !


  1. i am so so jealous that you saw Toy Story 3!!! Remember that you gave me buzz light year or Woody for my Grade 12 graduation?? And then Carmen and Sara tried to throw him out when I lived with them... ahhh the memories!


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