Holy Matrimony, Batman!

This past weekend, the girls were reunited to celebrate Candace's wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend that left this new momma feeling refreshed and exhausted at the same time. 
In my ideal world, those 5 beautiful ladies in the above photo, a handful of other friends & my sister would all live on the same block as me.  Very Desperate Housewives-esque, minus the drama. We'd go for walks to the park in the mornings with our little ones, we'd borrow a cup of flour when needed and we'd congregate over photo albums and beer on a patio at night.  Now, I realize this would never happen, but it was nice to get a taste of it this weekend during the wedding.  I was almost in my dream world: we went for walks on the riverbank, clad in our festive purple gowns, followed by the wedding paparazzi. Check.  We didn't need a cup a flour this weekend, but we did borrow various items from each other's wardrobes. Check.  We didn't need photo albums to start the memories, as we were constantly giggling about somebody at some point.  Check.
Weddings are wonderful; they bring together the best of friends during the best of times.  I loved seeing Candace have her moment and she was a beautiful bride!
I did as much as could as a bridesmaid, feeling inadequate most of the time because of the fatigue and inability to really do anything while Lucia was attached to me.  But that was okay, there were 4 other beautiful ladies to pick up where I was not able and that, really, is what friends are for. 
The weekend has come and gone, the bride is honeymooning, Christy is back in Calgary, Carm is at the lake, Alynne is moving into her new house and Sara is enjoying her last bit of mat leave.  Life goes on, and luckily so do these wonderful friendships.
Can't wait to Alynne's wedding to have us all together again!


  1. Best Weekend Ever. Check.

  2. esp those virgin caesars right christy?

  3. I love your new blog theme!

  4. I wanted to write an entire post about how you pulled it off that day. Unless you've had a newborn, you won't understand the great lengths you went to that day to attend as a bridesmaid. Every time I looked at you, saw what you were doing, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because I could empathize with how tired you were. I wanted to cry because even though you were exhausted, you were still there - doing your best and doing a great job. I wanted to help but I'm not lactating. (haha).
    What you did for Candace that day was amazing Deena. You are a wonderful friend :)


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