Going green. Step 1.

I figure, after almost 3 years of diapers with the Willster, that we've probably spent close to 3,000$ on diapers and wipes alone.  That's a freaking lot of money that could've paid for many other things....

A small car? Anyone want to buy a white prelude from my sister?

4 pairs of Carrie shoes (Oh, Manolo Blahnik, I love you)

Some Simair pottery? Actually, I'm not sure how much this actual piece costs, but it's pretty.

12 pairs of designer jeans. I also love you, William Rast.

$3,000 of prudent financial saving for use on something sensible, unanticipated or needed at a later date...

HMMMMMM. Looks like husband decided to high jack my blog while I was bathing Will.  I definitely would never write a sentence like that.....and anyway, that wasn't my point, husband. My point was that why would I spend 3,000$ on something that is not only unnecessary but just adds to the waste of the world. Doesn't it take a diaper like 500 years or something ridonculous like that to disintegrate?  So, after a couple months of observing my eco-friendly sister and chatting with my earth star friend Jordan and her sister, Jessica, I've been motivated to do my part to be greener. 
I had many options that I saw as doable this year: starting a compost, getting a garburator, getting a rain barrel.....but they all kinda fell aside when the sister got preggers, and mentioned that she would be using
cloth diapers.  Now, I'm not going to lie, I thought she was crazy, but then, I also pictured those old school, ugly ass cloth diapers with the ginormous safety pins that sagged off the baby's bottom.  There was no way I would ever purposely push my sanity over the edge.

But I would be surprised when I saw what ease Ky and Robbie, and Kinsey for that matter, dealt with the clothies.  They are not only easy to use but they are cute too!  So, a couple of discussions with the husband later and much reflection and voila, we are now proud owners of 18 cloth diapers along with the bio friendly disposable liners that we can put inside to simplify the cleanup.  We decided to go with the BumGenius 3.0 brand, as they are what both Kyla and Jordan are using with their tots. Plus, they will fit a newborn up to a Willsized child and we can use them on future kidlets also.

In case you're curious, we ordered from a company in Toronto which had excellent service called Caterpillar Baby.

So, I'll keep you posted on our thoughts once we're actually using them. But really, I think it'll be great...mostly because instead of spending 3,000$ on....garbage, we've invested 450$ on something earth friendly and cool.  How's that for prudent financial savings, husband??


  1. bravo bravo for the earth!!

  2. Great blog, Deena (and Dan?)! I am so pumped you made the switch.

  3. Somehow I don't recall $450 being the cost when discussing prior...

    Oh - that and I want it to be perfectly clear I'm onside as a cost saving measure - nothing to do with trying to 'go green'


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