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Holy Matrimony, Batman!

This past weekend, the girls were reunited to celebrate Candace's wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend that left this new momma feeling refreshed and exhausted at the same time. 
In my ideal world, those 5 beautiful ladies in the above photo, a handful of other friends & my sister would all live on the same block as me.  Very Desperate Housewives-esque, minus the drama. We'd go for walks to the park in the mornings with our little ones, we'd borrow a cup of flour when needed and we'd congregate over photo albums and beer on a patio at night.  Now, I realize this would never happen, but it was nice to get a taste of it this weekend during the wedding.  I was almost in my dream world: we went for walks on the riverbank, clad in our festive purple gowns, followed by the wedding paparazzi. Check.  We didn't need a cup a flour this weekend, but we did borrow various items from each other's wardrobes. Check.  We didn't need photo albums to start the memories…

These are the moments...

I better get this post done before I forget.  There are so many insignificant events that happened once upon a time that if I don't put them down somewhere, they will vanish from my memory.  Even if they are insignificant and minute, they do play a very important part in our little girl's story......
The moments that I'd like to forget:
My water breaking and knowing that it'd likely be awhile before anything happened and I'd meet my baby.  Also water leakage isn't pleasant, neither are mesh underwear and grannypads for that matter.The antepartum wing of the hospital.  I was there for 24hours before I was moved to labour and delivery.  The nursing staff were less than welcoming, only coming in once to check on me.  The loud mouth nurse who felt the need to tell stupid stories all. night. long. Seriously, no one was listening and people were trying to sleep, lady.  If I had a ball, I would've thrown it at her head.  The neverending supply of student nurses/doc…

Papa X2

I can distinctly remember ball diamonds. The hot summer sun.  Sunflower seeds.  Unwanted roadtrips to random tournaments with Dad's ball team in Broadview, yeesh, almost as absurd as Carnduff. I also can recall an intense pride for my Dad.  He was the greatest, the strongest, the fastest and the best hitter out there.  Fearlessly I would chase foul balls during the countless games I attended in Shellbrook.  I would unabashedly argue with other children that my Dad was better at ball. And he was, in my eyes.  I always saw my Dad as the greatest Dad out there and I still do.  He's the guy who'll drop anything to be there for one of his kids. He's the guy who taught me to run bases, to swing  through the hips, to keep your eye on the ball.  My Dad has taught me many other lessons in life, but the most important that I've retained, is to love. Love intensely and unhesitatingly.  He's the best, my Dad.
The other Dad in my life is my husband.  Not mine, but for now I…

Catching up.

I had a couple posts in my brain, hoping to get them out before baby came....that wasn't the case. So I'll summarize.
On Thursday I would've posted about the perfect last day with Willis as our only child. We ventured out downtown to the Children's Festival with him, enjoying the fresh air and lack of children at the festival. It was closed. Oops. But, Willis enjoyed walking by the river, running ahead of us on the paths to jump on the next bench.  We ate glosette raisins on a bench in the sun and walked down the "tree tunnels" on Spadina.  It was a perfect day to have with him before life changed for the better!

On Monday, I would've posted about Kelly.  June 14th, 2001 was the day she was taken from us 9 years ago already.  I always knew I would name my girl after her, but I never knew if I'd get that chance...for some reason I thought I was having a boy.  Needless to say I was ecstatic to see my little girl for the first time and to be able to giv…

Going green. Step 1.

I figure, after almost 3 years of diapers with the Willster, that we've probably spent close to 3,000$ on diapers and wipes alone.  That's a freaking lot of money that could've paid for many other things....

A small car? Anyone want to buy a white prelude from my sister?
4 pairs of Carrie shoes (Oh, Manolo Blahnik, I love you)
Some Simair pottery? Actually, I'm not sure how much this actual piece costs, but it's pretty.

12 pairs of designer jeans. I also love you, William Rast.
$3,000 of prudent financial saving for use on something sensible, unanticipated or needed at a later date...
HMMMMMM. Looks like husband decided to high jack my blog while I was bathing Will.  I definitely would never write a sentence like that.....and anyway, that wasn't my point, husband. My point was that why would I spend 3,000$ on something that is not only unnecessary but just adds to the waste of the world. Doesn't it take a diaper like 500 years or something ridonculous like …


Thank you, Willis for cuddling up on the couch with me last night when I had no energy left to run in circles.
Thanks for wanting to watch Cinderella with me and for laughing your head off when Gus Gus says "Happy Birthday" instead of "Surprise".
Thank you for keeping me constantly entertained on these slow days off before baby comes, with your imaginative games.
Thank you for helping me weed the garden even if it meant you pulling out the cucumbers because they looked suspicious.
Thank you for loving your little cousin, Kinsey and wanting to hold her and tell her stories all the time.
Thank you for potty training yourself this week, I love seeing the pride you have when you've done it all by yourself and decide to announce to everyone in the house, regardless if it's packed with people at Kinsey's baby shower.
Thank you for long afternoon naps that give me time to either cuddle in beside you and rest for those 3 hours or to simply read a book and watch…

Something is missing

Life without ball is boring and I miss so much about it.  I miss seeing Jordan and Heidi regularly and the comforting chats that come with the commute.  I miss the sound of the bat hitting the ball just in the right place.  I miss the strain on my arm after tossing the ball around.  I miss sunflower seeds on the bench.  I miss analyzing another team's signs and cracking their code.  I miss rounding the bags and sliding in shale.  I miss the high fives, constant cheering and camaraderie that comes with playing with a great group of women. I miss feeling good at something, like when that clutch hit is needed and my confidence is where it should be and I know that I have the upper hand on the pitcher because my eye is on the release point and she can't throw me anything I can't hit.  I miss those days, I long to play again, even if it means me lacing up the cleats for a couple games after baby....with my body being bent out of shape and the uniform likely not fitting properly…


My list of necessary things to do before this baby is born is almost done. Now I'm finding myself scrounging for the littlest task, when really, why aren't I just relaxing? I don't think it's in my genes. Park girls are always up to something. Lately, my somethings have been: finishing off wedding video projects, art projects, school work, room decorating and yard beautifying. The more exciting events have been getting a new pool and prepping for some sunshine and playing outside with Willis when it hasn't been raining. While this has been a blast, I am getting quite excited for the arrival of the new baby. Will it be in the next week? Who knows. All I know is that I'm enjoying my time waiting, but also like Park girls, I also am not patient. So please, baby, let's make an appearance next week. Okay, thanks.