A trip to Vancouver

A letter to my son.

Within the next couple of weeks, your world will be changed. Everything you've known as normal will no longer be the same with a new little body in the house. We've had 1,027 glorious days with you as our only little munchkin and I'm struggling to figure out how to balance love into the new equation.
You are my first born and every moment that was spent with you since we found out we were expecting has been filled with the wonderment of the unknowns, the firsts, the pure joys that can only be experienced the first time. I know I will love your brother or sister with the same strength as I love you, but at the same time, I feel like you will always have that special place that nobody but you can claim in my heart.
You have been a blessing in our lives. I marvel everyday at how much you learn, at how curious you can be, at how much energy you have. Your memory/skills constantly boggle us, especially when you come out of the blue with words we've never used or memories we've never touched. Just yesterday we were driving to lunch for Papa's b'day and you started talking about volleyball and watching Daddy play volleyball. I think we've only used that word once around you, nor have we even discussed the event that took place 5 months ago. But there you were, spouting off exactly what had happen during that 30 minute outing. Daddy jump high, Daddy hit ball, Daddy miss, Daddy hit ball over the net. Grandma there. Willis watch Daddy play volleyball.
You have the sweetest little voice. You are pleasant and polite with your "Oh, yes, sures"  and your "May I have some choc-choc, pleases".  But you can be just as mischievous with your "Mommy, I said no"
You sleep like an angel and love your story time at night, always trying to push us to read you more and more stories.  You ask for your mommy the majority of the time at bedtime, which crushes your dad, but I think you know that things will change soon and that your mommy will have to put more time in with baby.  But rest assured, little boy, your Daddy adores you.  He races home everyday just to hear your stories about your day, to lose himself in one of your hugs and to giggle his stresses away.  He chases you around the house, teaches you how to spell (so far you have Cow and Dog down), he plays your games with you whether it's pirates, or yoga poses, or hide and seek and he does all this with just as much zest for life as you bring.  You have brought out the best in us and you help me love your Daddy that much more everyday.
So please don't be mad or upset when a new baby is brought home.  And please don't be too confused when we name the baby something other than Kinsey. For some reason, you think all babies should be named Kinsey.  Please know that you are my little boy and I will do my best to give you all the love you need and deserve.
I love you!
Your mommy.


  1. ah .. the firstborn! ... you are all special in your own unique way!


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