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Well, that went by quickly.

Ah, what a wonderful day! It started off perfectly with a cheery, happy little boy popping in my room with birthday hugs and kisses, followed by my first part-time day of work.  I had a lunch date with a hottie that I picked up 8 years ago and then a supper date with to fantastic friends, Sara and Candace.  I then got in some quality playtime with my boys, great conversations with my BFF, sister and mom and then a cuddle on the couch with my little man.  I couldn't have asked for much more, except a baby...but I'll wait....
Another day, another year and farther and farther I'm getting from those crazy days of youth, but for some reason, I feel more like a kid with each year that passes. Clearly mommahood is having reverse effects on me. I wish it could do what it does for my spirit to my body. I try to make goals for myself each year, and last year I did everything I wanted to: I travelled with friends and my husband and lived it up at concerts that made me feel young.  This year's goal is a bit different, in light of the youthful spirit being a mom gives me, I'd like this year to focus on getting back into the youthful body I used to have.  I have a plan, I just have to wait for this baby to come out and my body to heal and then I'm going to kick my ass back into shape and I'm really excited about it this time around!
Today was a fantastic day and it's days like these that motivate me to be the best me.  We studied aboriginal spirituality in my Christian Ethics 30 class and I like the idea of the medicine wheel where your physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual aspects have to all be balanced in order to function.  So if last year was the mental, and it paid off, then this year will be the physical.  We'll see where I'm at in a year from now, I guess.


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