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The Aprils of my life.

Good guessing on the pictures...I'm quite impressed with what some of you can remember or randomly guess. The prize is eleventy billion dollairs and I win. Because I can. And it's my game.
Here are the answers:

This picture was taken last week after we rediscovered Elmo...he had gone into hibernation for awhile, mostly due to the fact that I kept forgetting to replace his batteries.  Why do kids toys have to use so many freaking batteries?????

Was taken this week while playing in the beautiful weather and being entertained by bubbles. Bubbles and colourful chalk are some of my favourite summertime pastimes. OH, and much fun to be a kid!

Wide Eyes:
April 2008. Willis is 8 months old and taking in his new surroundings in his new home.  He also conquers the stair climbing/crawling which opens up a whole new world of "Hey-Willis, get down from there".

Supper Club at the Forestry Farm, April 2007.  I was 5/6 months preggers and so e…

A look back through photos

Copy and paste the following into your comment in order to guess the year / event.  These photos range from 2004-2010

1 Elmo:
2 Outside:
3 Wide eyes:
4 Belly:
5 Feet:
6 Toga:
7 Hooters:
8 Dee and Cat:
9 Will ball:
10 Glasses:

Well, that went by quickly.

Ah, what a wonderful day! It started off perfectly with a cheery, happy little boy popping in my room with birthday hugs and kisses, followed by my first part-time day of work.  I had a lunch date with a hottie that I picked up 8 years ago and then a supper date with to fantastic friends, Sara and Candace.  I then got in some quality playtime with my boys, great conversations with my BFF, sister and mom and then a cuddle on the couch with my little man.  I couldn't have asked for much more, except a baby...but I'll wait....
Another day, another year and farther and farther I'm getting from those crazy days of youth, but for some reason, I feel more like a kid with each year that passes. Clearly mommahood is having reverse effects on me. I wish it could do what it does for my spirit to my body. I try to make goals for myself each year, and last year I did everything I wanted to: I travelled with friends and my husband and lived it up at concerts that made me feel young.  Th…

Good day!

April 15th is great in many ways.
1- I've been blogging for exactly a year.  It was Easter Break last year and I was whimsically strolling the streets of Old Quebec, trying to come up with something, anything, that would help me to decide if I should blog.  A year later, I still enjoy the moments during the day when I can stop what I'm doing and think "hmmmm...that may make an interesting post".  I'm going to follow Christy's advice and turn my blog into a book each year. Good thinking, Chrr.
2 - Kyla is due today! Baby is going to get here sooner or later and now it actually feels like sooner than later. 
3 - Today is my last day of full time work for a long time.  I went to the doctor over the break and she wants me resting more and on part time for numerous reasons, so I shall happily listen to her.  As of Monday I'm teaching Period 1 and 2.  I really think this'll be a good thing for my body.

So thanks for tuning in for a year of my ramblings. …

Baby faces

(Willis-profile in light grey) (Baby2-profile) Willis Jules. I remember staring at this ultrasound picture and dreaming about what he'd look like, what his voice would sound like and what kind of boy he'd turn out to be. Every minute with him blows my mind and I can't help but love every aspect of him; from the perfect child moments to the terrible twoish parts. Monday we had our 30 week ultrasound for baby 2. I was quite proud of myself for not asking to find out the gender and now there's nothing I can do but wait. Waiting in that same state of wonderment. What will he be like? Will she be adventuresome or reserved? What will we choose for a name? So many unknowns that I'm eager to find out, but not so eager that I don't want to cherish these last months with my only boy. I need to soak up every last moment of Willis getting to be the only child, and the only grand kid for that matter..... Speaking of which, dear niece or nephew, I'd like to meet you NOW…

I'm not a good waiter

Anticipation is killing me. The phone rings, I expect it to be Kyla telling me baby is on the way. This is almost worse than the wait for Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny for that matter. Maybe it's worse because I know what lays down that path. I remember exactly how it go from shuffling around the house in swollen pain one minute, to being rushed into the scary world of childbirth (let's not even delve into that pain) and then thrown into the unknowns of parenthood.
She has a lot in store for her, but nothing that is too new as she was by my side on the whole journey with Willis. She was a pro foot massager and leg holder. I'm very glad to have been able to share the exhilarating experience with her.
So now it's my turn to see what it feels like to have your world transformed into Auntdom. Baby G will be our first niece/nephew and Dan and I are quite excited to spoil Baby. But mostly to steal some cuddle time. With Baby. Not Kyla. Or Robbie for that…

Joyeux Paques!

So what if I tend to get overexcited over the littlest things.
So what if I sometimes get worked up looking forward to certain events...say Christmas, Easter and NKOTB concerts.
So what if I used to get nose bleeds waiting for Santa and cried myself to sleep because I was scared the Easter Bunny was going to get me and wrote 100 page letters to my cousin in anticipation for a big event. So what if that was all last year. JK.

So what.

Really, all I think that is proving is that I'm still a kid at heart, big time, and tonight confirmed that for me. I don't think I've ever been so excited for Willis to wake up and to see what's waiting for him...well, except at Christmas and his birthday and sometimes on random Tuesdays when I'm feeling creative. Dan and I stealthily hid all the Easter eggs and giggled like kids, recounting our favourite memories, while sneaking some eggs for ourselves. Seriously, could those Reeses Pieces flavoured mini eggs BE any tastier?

And now I…