The Benefits

Let me introduce you to my new friend, Stay. First you need to know that I LOVE makeup. I love looking at people's makeup, shopping for makeup and recommending my favourites to my friends. This past weekend in Vancouver I picked up a bottle of Stay, by Benefit
Makeup 8am

Makeup 6pm
For 30$ I have bought myself my new favourite magic eye potion that keeps my eye shadow exactly where I put it, brightens the dark circles and is anti-aging.
It doesn't get much better than that!
P.S I bought Stay at Sephora, but most Shoppers carry the Benefit brand. FYI.

Ah. Hah.

It's amazing what 3 days away with your girlfriends can do for your perspective.

Being a fulltime teacher, mom & wife can take it's toll: corrections and planning occupy my time when all I can think about is Willis, then when I'm concentrating on Willis, my mind is always consumed with the list of to dos for a teacher. Throw in maintaining superwife status and bam, I have a headache. I'm pretty sure that getting rid of my job would solve everything.

That's why I treasure so much the chance to step out of my life for 3 days and take off with my friends. It's almost like taking 10 years off my life and journeying to a time when our worlds revolved around our friendships and our quest for love and social domination at that narly bar. Granted, much has changed in those 10 years, but it's so very easy to slip back into that frame of mind, especially when the laughter has reached a fevered pitch. Not all of the girls made it this year, but they were definitely refered in the conversations/remembrances we had. People can affect your life so deeply that their memories become etched into yours. That's what it's like sharing the same friendships that have lasted some 26, some 15 years.

I have nothing but gratitude for my friends. Going away like this makes me remember who I was, who I am and who I aspire to become. They can bring out the best and the bitchiest in me and love me regardless. That's why they're so great. It's wonderful knowing that no matter what happens in life, there will always be a sister-like friend who'll support me or laugh at with me. Going away with them for 3 days renews my heart and my ability to love my husband and my son stronger than I did before I left.
Yay for friends!

Girls 2010 from Dee on Vimeo.

Confessions of a Friendoholic.

"Carmen, you're embarassing me."
"That is a shitty cupcake!" "Seriously, did you see all those people doing Tai Chi?!"
"Christy, stop touching my butt"
Every year since 2006 we've gotten together for a girl's weekend in Edmonton. This year is year 5, hense the more adventuresome trip to Vancouver. One day down, one day to go.
Here are our highlights:
Carmen: riding the skytrain and the escalator. Her inner child has taken over her body in more ways than one.
Candace: Our fashion show of our daily purchases in the condo after 4 gruelling hours in the mall.
Christy: having to tap out after hitting the jackpot in Smart Set, of all stores. Especially excited-Christy style, jumping up and down- about her leggings.
Deena: becoming fashion consultant at the stores for the girls because she's too large and in charge and can't fit normal clothes therefore significantly reducing her ability to buy clothes.
Smoking green beans. I'm so cool.

The pineapple upside down cake of life

This week has been both enlightening and troubling. We're in our World Religions unit in Éducation Chrétienne 30, which is by far my favourite class, not only b/c of the subject, but also b/c of the students. They are fabulous and make me want to keep teaching forever.
Anyway, Monday we visited the University to have the resident Muslim Chaplain give us a brief overview of the Islamic Religion. He was explaining the 5 pillars and the role that prayer has for them. You likely know that Muslims pray 5 times a day, which seems tedious if you ask me. Sorry, if you asked me before Monday. Now I see that in an entirely different manner. He likened it to being able to take a step out of the chaotic mess everyday can be and centering yourself. I like that and I thnk I've also forgotten what a blessing a prayer can be, pardon the pun? Talking to God should be a relaxing time, not a chore.
Then today a wonderful teacher at Cross led us through the basics of Aboriginal Spirituality and guided us in a Smudge. How have I never done this before?????? The way he explained it made total sense. He talked about how we are all given a gift in life and it takes a brave person to make that journey into their heart to find out who they're supposed to be.  I love the concept of the medicine wheel and how it's necessary to have your intellectual/spiritual/emotional and physical life balanced to lead a full life.  It made me realize that there's so much that I've been neglecting in my world. 
The thing that he said that struck me the most was about hardships in life and how they bring out the best or the worse in people.  This description couldn't come at a better time as a good friend of mine is currently experiencing a life changing heart break.  Her uncle was killed in a car accident on Tuesday morning. This uncle was a father figure to her. I hate car accidents.
I couldn't help think about her and what she's going to be going through in the next week/months/year....Tragedies do bring out the best and the worse in people and you absolutely see who really is a friend. I'm grateful to the people who silentely stood by me during my difficult times and because Candace was one of them and because I love her, I will do that for her this time.  I love my group of girlfriends; they are truly a gift.
This World Religions Unit fell during a good week. When a friend's heart breaks, it's difficult not to feel it also.  Luckily, I was blessed this week with a new perspective on my spiritual dimension which will hopefully guide me on my journey.
Tomorrow we're off to the synagogue and Monday is the Hindu temple. I love my job.
Oh yeah, I also made my first ever pineapple upside down cake on Monday, in case you're wondering. Très délicieux!

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