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Willis' playtime monologue

Imagine Willis' sweet, little boy voice as he entertains himself (and me too!) this morning.
my camera.
mommy, come? want to come ? Mommy, want to come downstairs?
my camera.
and my blanket's there. Okay? Where'd my car go? Is it in there, mommy? in there? in there? in there, mommy?
This goes, mommy, this goes, mommy, this goes?
Me: Yes, but the batteries are dead.
Mommy, this out? That out there?
Turn the car on?
A battery's in it? I work it for you, mommy.
Mommy I work it for you (x5)
Okay. Too heavy.
Oopsies. Oopsies. oopsies, mommy.
Oh, turn it around.
No, I do it.Why?
Ha, that was cool, mommy? Come back.(Speaking to car)
Forward, Hooo, Dat cool?
Dat cool? Dat cool?
I bring it to Daddy tooo. I carry it. I carry it too. Mommy I carry it. Mommy I carry it.
Too heavy.

Take a Chance on Me

I won the lottery the day I met Dan.   The year was 2002, I was just in my first year of teaching at St. Mary's in P.A.  My good friend, Annie was begging me to accompany her on a vball tournament in Moose Jaw that her husband, Jason, was playing in.  Being the end of the month, I remember being broke and not wanting to go b/c of that.  But she was insistent and offered to pay my hotel. Quelle generous and great friend, so of course I took her up.  I was very close to Jason and Annie at that point in my life, having lived with Annie the previous year in university; she is like a big sister to me. One regret I have is not having Annie in our wedding party. Her and Jason were a major part in Dan and I getting together.
Anyway, I hopped in the car with her, not knowing what the weekend would have in store.  Dan was playing on the same team as Jason.  I was teaching Dan's brother at the time, so that was a little weird, but you can't help who you fall in love with.  We hit it …

Lessons on feeling instantly younger

I learned today that it doesn't take much to shave 15 yrs off my mental age and that it can be the most refreshing thing when it does happen.
Interested? I thought you'd be. It's an easy transformation, all you need is 6 hours.
1- Hop in the car with a good friendon a beautiful sunshiny day. Make sure this friend is one that you haven't seen in a bit and could use some time to catch up so you have non stop chatter/giggles while you reminisce/vent/ponder for the 1.5 hour drive back to PA while your little cuddly boy sleeps soundly in the back seat.

2-Drop now awake cuddly boy off at trusty parent's house for some quality grandparents time.

3- Visit another old friend, her hubby and 3 busy kids. Be amazed at how you may not talk to someone very often, but you still feel like it was yesterday and you were in grade 8, having water fights and making up excuses to dump boys. Love you, Ali.
4- Go to a baby shower for one of the neatest people you knew in your life, lost t…

Weekend Update

All kinds of goodies going down in our world, so here's an update:

* I'm into Semester 2 at school. So far, so good. I've taught all the classes at least once already so I'm feeling more comfortable. I have the grade 12s this semester for Christian Ethics 30, which is by far my favourite class to teach. I haven't taught them since they were in grade 9, so it's pretty cool to see how much they've changed.
* Willis is a hyper hypo.
* Baby2 kicked Dan last night. That was the first time we've both felt the baby kick from outside. What a wonderful feeling.
* I survived Brother Rob's first "fight". I don't think I've ever been so nervous. Luckily, my good friend Alison was there and was texting me updates. Here's a pic of my brostar in action:

* One week of work left until Feb. break! I plan on painting/decorating the nursery and getting the basement's baseboards painted during my time. I also need to get a painting done for a…