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Home Sweet Home *updated

Today was the day ! I don't know any details or haven't seen any pics, but at this very moment, Lisa and Laurier have their 2 little boys in their arms. What an incredible feeling it must be.
It's all over the National news and I found a couple videos. The first is English and kinda just gives the history behind it. The second is much better, but in French with Radio Canada. The reporter even interviews Lisa, Laurier and Maia! The third is an article I found starring them...can't wait to see more!

This video is only of Lisa, Laurier, Maia and the twins.

It's a hard knock life.

I have certain beliefs that I've developped through the years that have become a part of my moral foundation. One of them is my stance against violence. I, I despise physical fighting. I rarely watch hockey because of the hitting and certain events in the news lately makes my belief more unwavering. The elbow to the head? 9 year olds in a line brawl? I grew up in a hockey family I and LOVED watching my brother play, don't get me wrong, I think it's a great sport and I'll support Willis if he chooses to play. I will also, however, ground his little butt until kingdom come if he ever pulled a stunt like what is shown and glorified in the media.
Other sports are also off my list : boxing, get my drift. I don't like it, therefore I don't want to see it. Same goes with violent movies. Not my thing.
Recently I've had to reinvestigate my belief system because my brother is pursuing a dream and it just happens to be MMA fighting (Mixed Martial …

Oh Happy Day!

From Lisa:

GREAT NEWS!!! Our provincial immigration contact got through to the federal office and she was able to confirm that we are now "on the list"! Pray now that others who were in the same boat as us have/will also receive confirmation.

I just chatted with Lisa and she's relieved, overjoyed and as happy as can be. She is now preparing for the arrival of 2 bundles of "active" joy, that could possibly be arriving within days or weeks. To celebrate for her, I'm going to go shopping and find them some cute as can be outfits. What great news indeed!

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Willis and I had a very full night tonight playing in the pool and water sliding, so by the time bedtime rolled around, he was zonked. I love bedtime. We read stories, we talk about our day, we say our prayers (he prays for his friends, naming them, every single night) This process usually takes 30-45 minutes. Sure, I lose my "me" time, but what other moment in the day do I get to lay, snuggled beside him, watching him fall into a peaceful, content sleep. He has no worries, he has no fears. His life is how it should be-easy.
My mind wandered tonight as I gazed at him, jumping from his serenity and innocence in life, to the difficulties people are currently facing in their lives. Sometimes it's easy to take life for granted and to forget that not everything is the way it should be.
Take my friend, Lisa for example. All she wants is to have her boys home and to give them the life that they deserve. 18 months old. That's the same age as my bff's little man, Grady. S…

Do it, I dare you to make a difference.

Progress is being made in the fast-tracked adoption of Haitian babies, with the Haitian President giving it the go ahead. It's Canada's turn. This is what Lisa has asked, I dare you to make a difference & it'll only take 2 minutes of your time.

From Lisa:
What you can do: please email the Honourable Jason Kenney and ask that Canada rescue the orphans in the process of adoption immediately, before it is too late. Here is the address: Don't worry about making it fancy. The point is to bombard the office to show that "regular" Canadians support this ...effort, not just those directly involved. Please do this - now! Your help is much appreciated.

Haiti : update

I pleasantly surprised to find a great article in the Star Phoenix Saturday morning. It detailed the tribulations that those adopting from Haiti have been facing, particularly Lisa and her family and her friends Melanie and Melvin (who adopted a little boy the same time as Maia from the same orphanage).

Here's the article:
Waiting for news from Haiti

I also saw that the government is taking action on this and speeding up the immigration process for Haitian adoptions, which is certainly a good step. Lisa posted this as her facebook status this morning:
Cautiously optimistic. We are very hopeful that the boys will be coming home soon!!!! Of course anything could go wrong, so we remain guarded, but still VERY hopeful. Our government is ready to allow them in and it appears (fingers crossed) that their government is allowing them out. PRAISE GOD! Now please pray for all the new orphans.
It looks like the right steps are being made for the children and their families !!


When I started teaching in Saskatoon 6 years ago, I met a fantastic teacher friend. She was the same age as me, with a killer personality and an infectious laugh and sense of humour. We got to know each other more over the years and had many coffee dates where we could laugh the entire time and not even really talk about much. Anyway, this friend moved to Regina a couple years ago and we haven't seen each other much in the past couple years. I do like to keep up with her and her life. A couple years ago she adopted a beautiful little girl, Maia from Haiti. Maia is now 5 (?) and she and her husband are waiting for the next blessing in their family : 2 twin boys. From Haiti.
Luckily the orphanage, "God's Littlest Angels" was not drastically affected by the recent earthquake and everyone is doing fine. Lisa and her family have been in my prayers and thoughts and I was, just as the rest of her friends and family were, relieved when she posted news that the boys are doing …


Willis, do you want milk in your cheerios? Why, Mommy? Because isn't that how one eats cheerios?
Willis, can you put on your mitts? Why, Mommy? Because I'll lose them if I carry them.
Willis, get in the car. Why? Because if you don't, it's a long walk to Diane's house.

Willis, want to go play outside in the snow? Why, Daddy? Because I need you to burn off some excess energy.
Willis, will you put the carrot on the snowman's face? Why, Daddy? Because it doesn't make sense that his face is on the middle snowball.
Willis, please don't run around the house in your wet snowsuit. Why, Mommy? Because I hate washing the floor.
Willis, it's suppertime. Why, Mommy? Because.
Willis, eat your broccoli. Why, Mommy? Because Aunty Kyla will like you more.
Willis, sit down on your chair when you're eating. Why, Mommy? Because it's a long fall down and the dogs are hovering, so I'm pretty sure they'll eat you if you land where that meat has bee…

The Perfect Day

I had the most wonderful Sunday afternoon. After starting it off with a couple of hours at the bridal show with brides Alynne and Candace, I hustled home to pick up my boy, Uncle Robbie and Aunty Kyla to go skating. I haven't been on my skates for a couple years and they likely haven't been sharpened in that long as well, so I was glad that Willis only lasted 20 minutes. He did do probably 2 laps holding onto Ky and I's hands and then enjoyed a couple more laps at a faster pace with Uncle Robbie. It was so nice to be back in the rink; I love the fresh smell and the exercise was nice too. After that we proceeded home to play in the snow in the backyard. Willis made snow angels, chased the dogs and went up and down his slide. He also made snow balls and threw them with the snowball thrower Uncle Rob got him for Cmas. See picture. After there was no snow left in our back yard to jump in, we went inside for a fantastic cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Winter in S…

When you wish upon a star...

Every Christmas/New Year's Eve Dan and I make a wish list for the upcoming year. The items on this list vary and we try to not misplace it so that we can look over our past year's wants and see what we accomplished. This year I've made my own personal wish list. Here are some items, in no particular order:
- to keep a meal down. Seriously, what did I sign up for. Willis was a walk in the park compared to this. Isn't 2nd trimester supposed to be all butterflies and lollipops? Wow- has this puking experience ever made me just appreciate a healthy, happy body.
- to enjoy a beer on the patio this summer with my family and friends. I'm watching the World Jr. final right now and they keep playing the Rickard's commercial where he says "Imagine what the best day of your life tastes like" Not helping with my beer cravings. Ah well, June isn't too far away.
- to have a healthy, happy baby. Not really in my control, but I can do everything in my power to as…