The many days of Christmas. Day 1

Tonight commences our new little family tradition of the many nights of Christmas. It was supposed to be 12, but I got too excited and 1-planned to much and 2-got impatient and wanted to start early. Go figure.
We decided an appropriate way to kick off our seasonal celebrations was at SunDog at Credit Union Centre. We normally go every year b/c Dan's parents are crystalline artists and have had a booth there for as long as Dan can remember. Anyway, when Dan and I started dating in 2002, SunDog quickly became a necessity in my routine for Christmas preparation.
Bringing Willis anywhere is usually a feat, let alone a place jam packed with people and breakables...but he was awesome! He insisted on walking around and holding our hands...practically cutting the circulation off in our fingers and pulling our arms out of their sockets; he was so excited. He was even more thrilled to see his Nana and Papa's work...he could definitely be their number one salesman.
When we finally peeled him away from his grandparents, with the promise of movies and treats, we had one happy boy, curled up on the couch eating crackers and raisins and watching "Charlie Brown Christmas".
I'm definitely starting to feel more in the Christmas spirit after tonight. Stay tuned for tomorrow night's events.