A trip to Vancouver

Day 6

Today's guest bloggers are my bodacious husband and my darling boy....

So today's plan was to make a gingerbread house. Started out fine, got out the ingredients and starting measuring molasses.

hahaha. Sticky. yuck. more.

Then it turns out we don't have enough molasses. "Oh no. We don't have enough ingredients."

Groceries? Get boots an' mits? Blanky come?

So I bundle up Willis and threw his blanket in with him and off to Safeway. Decide to pick up gingerbread decorating supplies whilst I'm there.

Candy! More! Candy! HAHAHA! MORE! HAHAHAH!

We go to pay, Willis handles the payment (passes cards to cashier). Head back to the car.

Brrr! Cover ears.

Back at home, unpack the groceries. Willis makes extra sure the candy makes it safely to the kitchen. Mix up the gingerbread dough.


After we cleaned up Willis and the kitchen (Coco cleaned herself up with help from Britney), finish mixing dough. Getting late though, so into the fridge with the dough to be finished tomorrow.

---Daniel and Willis


  1. I think Willis should get his own blog. I love what he has to say!

  2. ya, i want to see a willis blog too!
    (auntie monique)


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