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closing 2009.

Our 5 year anniversary mini-vacation is coming to an end. Tonight we're packing up our bags and getting ready for a day of travel tomorrow. It's been a great trip that kept getting better every day. I'm glad I had this time 100% devoted to Dan, but at the same time, we've both come to a realization that being with Willis means more. Yes, we'll take another trip in 5 years for our 10th anniversary, but until then, we will most likely be focusing on the 2 bambinos and how to have fun holidays. Presently we think that this summer will be a "rent a cabin at the lake" type of summer. Some of my greatest family memories are spent at the lake and the beauty of our home is that a beautiful lake is not far away.
So, after having spent 3 full days in San Fran, here is my list of top ten no particular order:
1- Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39. It had a carnivalesque type of atmosphere...tres fishy.
2- The shopping: DSW shoes...A Pea in a Pod....Macy…

Thoughts from afar.

I'm composing this blog this evening from way up in our 37th floor room at the Hilton in San Francisco. Dan and I decided for our 5th anniversary that we should get away and take some time for ourselves, which has definitely been nice and relaxing and good for the relationship. I do, however, find it very difficult to take a step out of my world and to not be constantly thinking of the going ons of my life.
Being with Dan is easy; we're both pretty quite, reserved people when together. Our favourite things to do are usually pretty laid back, in fact, my favourite time this trip so far was cuddling up in Union Square this morning beside the skating rink, (all the while sitting beside a palm tree-some things just don't work together), and playing a game a Scrabble. My favourite honeymoon memories are of us cuddled on a bench together in Central Park in NY, reading our books. We're simple people.
Having lots of time to think has been nice. Here are my main thoughts so fa…

Christmastime is here

We made it safely home after a busy day in Stoon.
Dan's b'day/Josh's homecoming/Simair partial Christmas was a huge success. I think Willis started the day off on the right note by jumping in bed with Daddy and giving him a big birthday hug and kiss. He sure loves his Daddy! It is fantastic to have Josh home again! He spoiled us with eleventy billion different types of food from Finland: loaves of bread, reindeer meat, squeaky cheese, Russian was quite the spread. We had so much food, in fact, that we didn't even make it to Dan's b'day cake, so we enjoyed a DQ ice cream cake with my family last night instead. Now we are settled into my parent's house for our first and last Cmas on Allbright. We've always spent Cmas in Marcelin, Leask, or Shellbrook but b/c my parents will be moving in January, we thought we should pack the house for at least one Cmas. Willis is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus this evening and presents to…

Winter fun

Snow was definitely on my wish list this Christmas and what makes it even more annoying is that it seems everywhere in the world, but here and P.A are being coated in the fluffy white stuff. Snow or no snow, we've had a wonderful time preparing our little family for Christmas.
I really think that Willis is going to be as much as a Christmas boy as I am a Christmas girl. My fondest childhood memories are of Christmas....Grandma Diehl's 365 day Christmas tree...the phony fireplace in her basement that always boggled my mind; I could never figure out how Santa got down...sitting in Grandma & Grandpa Diehl's living room on Christmas Eve, watching out the window at the dark blue sky, looking for Santa's sleigh and Rudolph's shining nose, getting so excited to see Santa Claus come down Grandma's stairs that I would get nose bleeds, singing in the choir at midnight mass in Marcelin, being together with the whole family, all seated at an endless table, eating trad…

Night 14

2nd inning of overtime here.

Tonight Willis took his uncle Chris and aunt Marina with Deena and Dan through enchantaland Christmas light festival at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm.

If you can think back to when you were a kid, how magical amusement parks or cartoons or kids toys were? Well tonight was one of those nights for Willis. Little guy was in awe seeing the light displays. Just seeing him like that brought back the magic for us as well; seeing past the common and into the real joy of Christmas.

Thanks to Marina and Chris for taking us out. Nights like these are best shared.

destined for cuteness...

Tonight we abstained from any Christmas celebration simply b/c we're running out of ideas. Actually, we have plenty more great ideas but Mother Nature (against whom I have a personal vendetta) will not cooperate and give us snow. There's still skating, tobogganing, snowman building, angel making, fort constructing that could've happened. Ah well, I guess we'll save it for next year.

Anyway, while having some down time this evening, I came across this picture of Dan. The striking ressemblance to Willis definitely made me decide that Willis looks more like him than me. That's what I think anyway, but I'll let you decide.

Night 13

The thirteenth night of Christmas jubilation was just Willis and I, making Christmas cards for some pretty darn cool people in our lives. Willis drew some high quality "triangagles" and scribbles that were apparently Coco and Britney. Good stuff, I tell you. I'd take a picture of them and post it, but it's likely someone will steal the original ideas and sell them to Hallmark. Wouldn't want that to happen, so instead I'll leave you with a picture that will definitely make you giggle. It's priceless. Well, mostly it's Willis' expression that is priceless. When I showed him the picture today, after I was done laughing he says "Santa Claus...scaaary".

Oy, we may want to rethink this whole "Santa Claus bringing the presents to Aunty Chris' on Christmas Eve" thing. Well, regardless, it'll be great entertainment.

On the 12th night....

Actually, last night should've been the 12th but life happens sometimes. I have been stupid sick with stupid morning, noon & night sickness and went to bed at 8:30. Fun. Dan and Willis, in the meantime, went to deliver another gift to a client...thus the lack of post.
Tonight, however, we bundled up our Christmas Elephant and took him to the Midtown Mall in search of Santa. He was so excited, all he kept saying was : ho, ho, ho, ho...Merry Christmas...presents, please...BUT alas, once he approached THE Santa Claus, the Cmas elephant got stage fright and clung to my arm, koalabear style. Therefore, this year's Christmas picture will once again feature Willis, Santa, Mommy and Daddy. Thank God Dan shaved that moustache.

On the eleventh night of Christmas...

Willis was a little Christmas Elf this evening as we paraded him around town, delivering gifts to Dan's clients. He was prepped and trained to offer his "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas" at each house and was even given a gift to offer. Now, him actually doing that is entirely a different point as kids never seem to do what we want them to do on cue. But he was a cheerful elf, merrily taking his boots and jacket off before we were barely in the houses. He giggled and smiled and even offered a "merci" and a "Joyeux Noel".
On the ride, while redundantly asking us "what we doing?"and "why?", we informed him that he was going to be a Christmas Elf. After giving it much thought, he replied..."elephant?"
And that is how the Christmas elephant came to be. Just in case you were ever wondering.

Photos from nights 9 and 10

Sunday night was spent painting Willis' bread ornament creations. They are....interesting.

Night 9

Hi - this is Deena's mom - and she's allowing me to write her blog tonite! On the ninth day of Christmas - Willis got to do his Christmas activity with us - his Nana and Papa Park and Aunty Kyla and Uncle Robbie. Well, mainly it was just Nana and Willis and Kyla in the kitchen. We tackled making bread dough Christmas ornaments - and Willis loved getting his hands into the dough! I had done this years ago with our kids and it was jolly fun to experience it with Willis. We still have to paint and varnish our ornament collection and it's going to be fun to see how creative Willis is going to be with the paints! Pictures to follow after decorating tomorrow- Willis looks really manly wearing only an apron!! And he sure knows how to handle a rolling pin!

7th and 8th Day.

The 7th and 8th day were spent in a mess of Gingerbread. Dan was working in Regina on Thursday, so Willis and I spent the night rolling out the mess of dough and baking it. No wait. I spent the night rolling out dough while Willis found it more enjoyable to throw at the dogs.
Tonight we started constructing our creation. Dan made the icing (I'm not that skilled) and then Kyla, Willis and myself beautified it. No wait. Kyla and I beautified it and Willis ate the candy.
Willis also got into one of his presents tonight, a gift from Alynne, I mean Karter. See the video. I think you may have inspired some sort of something tonight, Alynne.

Dec 11 on Vimeo.

Day 6

Today's guest bloggers are my bodacious husband and my darling boy....

So today's plan was to make a gingerbread house. Started out fine, got out the ingredients and starting measuring molasses.

hahaha. Sticky. yuck. more.

Then it turns out we don't have enough molasses. "Oh no. We don't have enough ingredients."

Groceries? Get boots an' mits? Blanky come?

So I bundle up Willis and threw his blanket in with him and off to Safeway. Decide to pick up gingerbread decorating supplies whilst I'm there.

Candy! More! Candy! HAHAHA! MORE! HAHAHAH!

We go to pay, Willis handles the payment (passes cards to cashier). Head back to the car.

Brrr! Cover ears.

Back at home, unpack the groceries. Willis makes extra sure the candy makes it safely to the kitchen. Mix up the gingerbread dough.


After we cleaned up Willis and the kitchen (Coco cleaned herself up with help from Britney), finish mixing dough. Getting late though, so into the fridge with the dough to b…

Day 5

On the fifth day of Christmas, in our little family,
Gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree.
We each had different jobs to get us through this task,
Having Willis not unwrap them all was enough to ask.
I selected the gift and Dan would choose the wrapping,
*I'm sure he would have rather been in bed, napping.
Willis was a big helper and kept us all in line
Because of his handy work, our gifts look sublime.
It was his responsibility to choose the tag and bow,
Nothing coordinates on the gifts, but how was he to know?
We were only half way through when Willis became bored
so away went the mess, it will have to be well stored.

Tune in tomorrow night for a guest commentary,
I have my girl's Cmas party, so it'll be Dan's turn to be merry.

The fourth day

The year that Dan and I were married we started our very own Christmas tradition. We decided that we would buy a piece to our Christmas village for every year we are married. Being in our 5th year of wedded bliss, we bundled Willis up and took him out to the store to pick out our newest addition.

Day 3

On the 3rd Day of Christmas my family gave to me, a crazy photo shoot.
We normally send out Cmas cards every year and alas, it was that time again to call over Kyla to take our family photo. Willis was less than cooperative, but what can you expect. Those were some of my favourites.

On the 2nd day

I'm glad I saved today's activity for a full day, because that's how long it took us to get our house organized and looking warm and cozy again. A couple weeks ago I started a painting project on the main floor and I just finished off the last section this morning. I felt that I couldn't decorate for Christmas until then.

So, Willis and Dan brought all the Christmas boxes upstairs and we started dusting/vacuuming/cleaning them off. It took us a long time, but it was well worth it, and we even found energy to decorate the tree....well it was more Willis decorating the bottom foot and telling Daddy to be patient. Quite cute.

Willis also kept us entertained with many carols and requests to watch "Chwalie Bwown", in fact that's what I'm doing as I type. I think it's the 3rd time that I've watched the Christmas special today, not that I mind. You know I'm a sucker for Christmas movies.

Anyway, I put together a little video to show you our progr…

The many days of Christmas. Day 1

Tonight commences our new little family tradition of the many nights of Christmas. It was supposed to be 12, but I got too excited and 1-planned to much and 2-got impatient and wanted to start early. Go figure.
We decided an appropriate way to kick off our seasonal celebrations was at SunDog at Credit Union Centre. We normally go every year b/c Dan's parents are crystalline artists and have had a booth there for as long as Dan can remember. Anyway, when Dan and I started dating in 2002, SunDog quickly became a necessity in my routine for Christmas preparation.
Bringing Willis anywhere is usually a feat, let alone a place jam packed with people and breakables...but he was awesome! He insisted on walking around and holding our hands...practically cutting the circulation off in our fingers and pulling our arms out of their sockets; he was so excited. He was even more thrilled to see his Nana and Papa's work...he could definitely be their number one salesman.
When we finally peele…