A trip to Vancouver

Scratch that

I've changed my mind from the last post.
My new favourite time of the day is when Willis wakes for the morning. We slowly hear a rise in his stirrings...whether he's kicking the wall or talking to his pillow (buzz and woody from ToyStory)...then eventually you'll hear "Come hereeeeee, mommy" or a "Daaaaaadddy". Whoever the lucky one called is then gets to go cuddle in bed with him as he slowly wakes himself. He always greats you with a "Good mowning" and then we proceed to talk about his sleep, his dreams, his day, his breakfast, his wet diaper, his pillow, his blankey, Coco and Britney and basically every topic under the moon. We giggle, we snuggle, we pretend to fall back to sleep and without a doubt, whenever I ask him a question, he'll answer with an enthusiastic "yeah, mommy!"
It's my favourite way to start the day.


  1. I can't wait to cuddle! You are blessed!


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