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la la laaaaaaaaaa la la

As I sit here in the basement, listening to Willis and Dan play in the spare bedroom (currently the ticklemonster is being shark attacked)...I'm trying to figure out a way to get myself into the holiday spirit. I have T minus 3 days. December 1st I officially turn my merriment on, except there's something lacking. Damn you, Mother Nature, I rue the day I met you. Why do I need snow in order to feel jolly and all cozy and warm inside? Just one nice layer of crystal white snow is all I ask December 1st, please and thanks, Mother Nature.
So, I guess my plan of attack is to crank of the Christmas tunes. If snow isn't here, than music can make me do anything. What Christmas song is on your 'best of all time' list, that is what I ask of you. I would like to expand my repertoire to make up for the missing snow.
Also, we now have a list of 12 days of Christmas ready....I'll be posting nightly in December so you can see what the Simair one ;) is …

Edmonton Trip

We just got back from a fantastic weekend away with the Park family. I look forward to this trip every year because it's not often you can cram the 2 Park parents, 3 Park kids, their spouses, their offspring and their soon to be offspring into 2 hotel rooms and still have fun! Although the boys never really like shopping, they do do a good job at making us believe they don't mind being at the mall for such a long time. Willis was extra good this year. What a difference a year can make! He was running everywhere, wanting to explore and play and jump and sing. The long car rides were even entertaining with him singing and telling stories about toejam from the back seat.
All in all, a great time had by all. It was just one of those weekends that make you remember how important a strong family is in the equation of life.

Curve balls and lollipops *updated

Recent events have given me a quiet reminder that there are no guarantees in life; you know when you'll be thrown that curve ball. Two friends in the past two weeks have been surprised with early labour. Yeah, I know it doesn't sound that bad, but when you aren't mentally prepared for something like that, it can really throw you off.
Friend 1, Erin had her baby 5 weeks early. She spends her days/nights dreaming about the sweet little man who she'd love to bring home. Oliver James. I ran into her and her husband at the hospital tonight while I was visiting friend 2. Odd night. I commend Erin for her strength and courage. I can't imagine what it would take to leave your little man at the hospital. Luckily, things are going great and it sounds like Oliver will be discharged in the next couple weeks.

Friend 2, Heidi wasn't due until Jan. 31st and found herself having contractions this week. Now she's in the hospital, trying to keep her spirits up while not worr…

Scratch that

I've changed my mind from the last post.
My new favourite time of the day is when Willis wakes for the morning. We slowly hear a rise in his stirrings...whether he's kicking the wall or talking to his pillow (buzz and woody from ToyStory)...then eventually you'll hear "Come hereeeeee, mommy" or a "Daaaaaadddy". Whoever the lucky one called is then gets to go cuddle in bed with him as he slowly wakes himself. He always greats you with a "Good mowning" and then we proceed to talk about his sleep, his dreams, his day, his breakfast, his wet diaper, his pillow, his blankey, Coco and Britney and basically every topic under the moon. We giggle, we snuggle, we pretend to fall back to sleep and without a doubt, whenever I ask him a question, he'll answer with an enthusiastic "yeah, mommy!"
It's my favourite way to start the day.

My favourite time

My absolute favourite time of the day is night time with Willis. We get cozy in his bed and I get to tell him story after story and recite him Winken, Blinken and Nod and all those other crazy nursery rhymes that gets him giggling his head off. Finally when he has decided he's tired and has had his water, he shuts off the lights, snuggles up and insists that I put an arm over him. My baby falls asleep in my arms every night, just like that. And that is the most precious and peaceful time of my day.


Who came up with those freaky Mother Goose rhymes anyway? As I'm sitting here, enjoying some "me" time, sneakily listening through the monitor to Dan's bedtime stories with Willis, I hear him reciting a book we have up there...."There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don't know why she swallowed a fly...I guess she'll die"
Seriously, what kind of moral lesson is this rhyme teaching my child? I just googled the lyrics and it doesn't get any better. I'm not getting it. Basically it's teaching Willis to not eat bugs or mammals in any order, even if they wiggle and jiggle and tickle inside him. I guess it's teaching him to avoid gluttony and mere maybe it's not so bad after all.
He catches on very quickly. Now when I sing the "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" song and I say: "Momma called the doctor and the doctor said", he finishes it off with "no jumping on bed!" It's kind…

Christmas prep.

I normally start getting excited about Christmas in October....waiting impatiently for late November when I can start sprinkling my life with daily doses of Christmas cheer. Last year, however Dan and I found that by the time Dec. 25th came around we were tired of everything Christmas.
This year we've decided to try something different in the hopes of creating a childlike anticipation for the holidays that Willis will grow to love. I think traditions are so very important in creating lasting memories. Some of my fondest memories were created during the Christmas season from the yearly visit from Santa, singing in the choir during Midnight Mass, eating "Christmas" buns and many more.
So, Dan and I are going to come up with our very own 12 days of Christmas. Starting early December, we want to have a daily activity that we can do as a family in preparation for Christmas. Ideally, I'd like to have these 12 days complete by Dec. 20th, as after that we'll surely be bu…

My Daily Prayer

Each morning my place of employment starts off with a daily prayer/reflection. I enjoy the 10 minutes of insight provided by said teacher and sometimes find ways to apply it to my life. Today, however, I'm too tired and unmotivated to do anything. It's first period, and I'm trying to prepare an exam for Monday's History class...but I find myself flipping between email/exam/useless websites/staring out the window at the sun & staring at my coffee. It's just one of those days. I should've stayed in bed.
***10 minutes later****
An unplanned fire alarm practice just went off and I got to go outside for a little bit! It was refreshing and pretty and now I'm feeling 5% more awake. So, I'll share with you my daily prayer:
Dear Master of the house, keeper of the stars,
Please let me stay awake today, especially through second period with the grade 9s who constantly anger me with their inability to take minor directives, let alone make a proper title page…