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The girls came over today with their little men. It was neat to have 4 little boys together, all in different stages of life, ranging from 3 months to 2.3 years. It made me think as I was putting my big boy to sleep tonight. Why is it that sometimes I feel like I'm merely an audience member, watching my life go by before me? It feels like it was just last night that I was up every 3 hours, tending to my babe...or just yesterday that he was fearlessly crawling up the stairs for the first time. How has it happened that he's forming complete sentences, telling me to turn left and becoming so fiercly independant so quickly?
Man, if I only had a remote control for life.

Chef Will

Kyla and I, eons ago. I likely made something utterly disgusting in the easy bake oven. Ah, little sisters are such great guinea pigs.

Willis, this weekend, getting a jam-jam lesson from Grandma. Same kitchen as the eons ago picture.

Willis, helping us with our pie & perogie making prep.

Due to recent activity, I have a feeling my little man will take up cheffing and thusly create for me many delectable dishes and I'll never have to cook ever again, amen.

6 month check in

6 months ago, I was lying in my hotel room in Quebec City pondering how to start a blog. Now I'm taking a moment to look back on what I wrote, what I wanted back then and what has changed. At work each year we do professional growth plans and although I whine about it and procrastinate until the very possible last moment to hand it in, I do see the benefits in it. It gives me a chance to reflect on my practices as a professional and see areas for growth. Well, in a way, this is the same thing for me, but more so as a personal growth plan.
6 months ago I turned 30. As dumb as it is, being that it's only a number, it still is a milestone, a new chapter, a chance to open new doors and close the unused. So, the question is, have I done that?
I haven't added to my litter of children, but it's higher on the priority list now than it was in April. Finding out my sister is pregnant significantly upped that ante. I would love nothing more than to share a mat leave with my …

Happy Turkey Weekend!

I love Thanksgiving. I love an excuse to have the family together and to make super meals together. The house always smells delectable & the visiting and games are great. This year is the first year, I think, that we haven't headed back to PA. Instead, both sets of parents are coming to Saskatoon. It'll be strange not sitting around and be catered to, although I'm sure my mom will happily take over the kitchen ;) I feel extremely grateful that I have such a fantastic family on both sides and I look forward to making new traditions and memories this weekend. Brother Rob and Brother Josh are the only ones not around this weekend, but they'll definitely be in our thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Enjoy a preview of Halloween in the following video.

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