Aunty Kyla and Uncle Robbie had offered to watch Willis for us this weekend so that we could attend a friend's wedding. They decided to take him on a roadtrip to the Golightly farm near Kindersley. Willis was thrilled and from what I heard, enjoyed every second of it. Nothing like open fields for my guy. He goes, goes and goes some more.
Which reminds me, earlier this week Dan had ventured out with Willis for a stroll. In our neighbourhood there are many open fields and Willis loves to explore. Upon arriving at such a field, Dan realized that they had already taken a couple steps into prickly, burr, thistly weeds and told Willis that they'd have to stop and turn around, because regardless if they had work boots on, it'd hurt. So Willis, being an independent 2 year old, looked at Daddy, waved and took off running into the open, prickly field. (picture little boychild doing his chicken wing run here). 20 feet later he stopped, turned, looked at Daddy and said "Ouch". So Dan went out to save him, brought him to the pavement where they sat and de-thistlized each other. During this time, a mom and her girls had pulled up to the gas station and were getting out of the car. Willis saw this, stood up, putting his hands in his pockets and proceeded to strut his stuff, saying "Pretty!". The girls giggled and Willis turned shyly to Dad with that goofy, lovable grin of his. What a boy!
It was nice to be childless again during the 24 hours of Will's roadtrip, and I did get a lot of things done around the house, but near the end, I was counting the minutes until I could see him again. I'm not too sure at what point this changed, but understand now when people say, "I'm not sure what I did with my time before I had kids". I can definitely see how much brighter my life is when I have my little boy around to make me laugh and to melt my heart when he says, "I wub you".


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