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In a New York state of mind.

I have favourite movies for particular times of the year. For example, live in my house for a week during Christmas season and I guarantee you'll watch "Love Actually" at least twice. Jordan, I still have to pass you this movie. You'll most likely also see Elf a couple times. If it's Thanksgiving, then you'll definitely be watching "Home for the Holidays" with my family.
Now that fall is just around the corner, the house is decorated and I'm getting the urge to bake pumpkin pies, snuggle up with a good book in front of the fireplace, but I'm also returning to my obsession with New York. "You've Got Mail" has probably been my favourite movie since it's release in 1998, which coincidentally was also the year I first visited the wonderful city with my university girlfriends. Ever since then I've been fixated, enraptured & drawn to this beautiful city. So drawn, in fact, that I've visited it twice since my first vi…

Play ball.

We had our wind-up/reunion to celebrate 10 years of being Team Ganza (before we were "Ganza" we were the Shellbrook ladies) and also to celebrate the retirements of our coaches who've been with the club since it's beginnings a mere 25 years ago.
We all must move on at some point but needless to say, I think we're all hoping that there'll be another year. When you play with such an amazing bunch of women and have the amount of success that we've had, it's tough letting go. In my preparation for the possibility of this being the "end" of the Ganza, I've spent the past couple months working on a video that would summarize what it was like to play ball and to be a member of the Ganza dynasty. This is part 1 of 4. I haven't decided if I'll share all 4 yet, but in the meantime you take a peak at this one.
P.S. I know you're wondering what "Ganza" is, I'm going to let you take a gander and figure it out for yourself.…

Shake that booty!

Candace and I went to a new workout class at our favourite place, ClubMynx. We've been trying to go once a week and this week's choice was Zumba. We weren't really sure what to expect and WOW, it was like a flashback to our barstar days 10 years ago, but with different music. I LOVED IT!

We actually did both of these also near the 5-6:00 mark to see how much our booties were shaking!!!!!!


Aunty Kyla and Uncle Robbie had offered to watch Willis for us this weekend so that we could attend a friend's wedding. They decided to take him on a roadtrip to the Golightly farm near Kindersley. Willis was thrilled and from what I heard, enjoyed every second of it. Nothing like open fields for my guy. He goes, goes and goes some more.
Which reminds me, earlier this week Dan had ventured out with Willis for a stroll. In our neighbourhood there are many open fields and Willis loves to explore. Upon arriving at such a field, Dan realized that they had already taken a couple steps into prickly, burr, thistly weeds and told Willis that they'd have to stop and turn around, because regardless if they had work boots on, it'd hurt. So Willis, being an independent 2 year old, looked at Daddy, waved and took off running into the open, prickly field. (picture little boychild doing his chicken wing run here). 20 feet later he stopped, turned, looked at Daddy and said "Ouch"…


If I were to be in the Olympics, I think I would become a world class diver. Yes, I'm not to fond of heights and yes, I don't know how to randomly twirl mid-air..but I think with practice I could figure it out. This is what I think I would look like.....

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I wonder what Dan and Willis would do if they had a chance to go to the Olympics......any suggestions?

Vocab lesson

Somethings sound good, but when you write them down and forget to check what they actually mean, then your husband gets to make fun of you.
I'm therefore changing my last post and rephrasing my idea about locking my students in my "hotbox" classroom.

Linguistic breakdown of "hotbox"
Deena's world: a square, box-like classroom that is hot b/c of lack of air-conditioning and air circulation.
Webster's dictionary : a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) overheated by friction.
Kay, that's kinda close.
Wikipedia: A hotbox, a slang noun used to refer to a woman who is eager for sexual intercoursee OR Hotboxing, smoking marijuana or hashish in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect. comment