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2 years ago my life was pretty simple; I was responsible for myself and sometimes the hubby, not to difficult to care for. I always wanted to be a mom but never really could wrap my brain around how much your life changes once you actually have a child to care for. The hardboiled egg that I was responsible for in grade 9 wasn't quite the same.
Enter Willis.
After you got past the crying, the marathon feedings, the physical pain endured, the feelings of uselessness and you've survived the utter come to realize what a blessing the little bundle you're holding is in your life. You then are overwhelmed with love for this tiny creature, for your doting husband, for your thoughtful friends and for your supportive family and you realize that it isn't that bad after all, that you can do it, and that you will be a great mother. It's quite the cycle. And that was only the first hour ;)
A year later you've soaked up a fantastic mat leave and have to readjust to life back at work. It's harder than you thought. You have tears on your way to work, without messing the mascara of course. You wonder if you're making the right or wrong decision, how this'll affect your little one, how you can manage to get through a day without him, how you can manage to maintain your household and stay sane, how you can give your husband the love that he needs too and how you can still be good at your career while doing all of this. It doesn't get easier, but it does become more rewarding.
Two years later you are on top of your game. Well, at least you think you are. You've selectively forgotten all the dreadful parts of childbirth and are warming up to the idea of numero deux. You can keep your correction pile to a minimum, your house tidy, your animals fed, your husband watered, your plants loved and you even have time to develop your own passions. The little creature standing before you who was once so dependant on you now runs, jumps, yells, rolls, screeches, roars, golfs, remembers, laughs and constantly lights up every moment of your day. You are grateful for the wonderful people he has in his life and you look forward to seeing him grow up...but not too quickly, he's still your baby afterall!