Friends. Part 1.

by - August 02, 2009

My brother is looking over my shoulder as I type this. Kinda creeping me out. Now I've lost my train of thought, which I hadn't even started yet. I've got nothing.
Game on, I remember now.
Part 1 of the Simair 3 part Summer Vacation is done. We just got back from a whirlwind/fabulous weekend with Christy, James, Grady, Candace & Gina. I'll sum up our adventures : Sunshine, zoo, buffalo, beer/clam, sunshine, Christy is 30, pool, laughter, spa, mall, wedding dresses, more laughter and great memories!

Willis got to spend the weekend being chased by Grady. It was so neat to see our little boys play together. Christy has been my true blue for 25 years and to see our kids being able to grow up together (although far apart) is heartwarming. I love my friends.

I miss the days when it was easy to get all the girls together, now they are few and far between. This particular circle of friends (Christy, Candace, Carmen, Sara & Alynne) have been around since high school and they all came to be because of my friendship with Christy. (Chrr went to a different high school and became friends with them and I naturally tagged along~Alynne and I met while working at the Burger Baron. So cool we are) Now we are all married (or freshly engaged!!!) and are starting our families. Oddly enough, all our first children are boys. What are the chances? Candace will have to follow suit! They are a beautiful bunch of girls and I am so grateful to have them in my life.
Sara & Aiden
Carmen & Koen Christy & Grady Alynne & Karter
Willis & 1
Part 2 of our summer fun is coming up this weekend when we take off to Regina for Westerns. The entire Park clan are going down, so that will be extra fun and I'm also hoping to catch up with some treasured teacher friends there! Stay tuned

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  1. Very good post! I love the pictures but mostly I love the story :)

  2. So cool that you posted a picture of each big girl little boy duo! Love how we chose some of the same pics as I didn't read your post until after I did my own! Thanks for a great weekend for the trillionith time. Yes I know that is not a word!

  3. What are the chances of 4 boys no girls? A little better than 6% statistically, but closer to 9% based off of 4 children all-male US family data


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