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Keeping Fit.

I can now see why I was in so much better shape in high school; I had nothing but time for exercise, tryouts and competition. My mom made my food, bought my groceries and even paid my bills. My Dad carted me around to practice after practice for a variety of sports. How couldn't I have been fit?
Fast forward 10 years and priorities have changed. Sure, I still exercise, but I don't feel in top form. After the fitness retreat this past weekend, I've decided that maybe it's time to reevaluate things and figure out a better balance.
FYI, I participated in a fitness retreat through ClubMynx (or here to see some pictures) with some girlfriends. It was a challenging but very rewarding experience. You can read about what we put ourselves through on their blog above. Anyway, my point is that I know it's not realistic to put in 10 hours of crazyass activity in a weekend anymore but I think there are things I can do in my everyday that can significantly change my life. T…

Family Vacation

This past weekend was our first family vacation. Sure we've gone on plenty trips this summer and last summer, but what was different this time was that it was just us 3, fending for ourselves, no grandparents or aunts/uncles to help us out. Yes, it was tiring but I'm grateful for our little trip. It made me feel like a grown-up, responsible for nothing but my little family.
Dan was working in Vancouver for the week, so Willis and I flew up on Saturday and came home Tuesday. Willis was the best little traveller. He enjoyed charming the flight attendants and flirting with the blonde girl in the seat behind us. He proudly did up his own buckle on the airplane and much to the chagrin of buddy sitting in front of us, he continually played with his tray, saying "suppertime!".

Highlights of the trip for me were:
*visiting the Butchart Gardens. I haven't been there for 15 years and was thrilled to see that my memories haven't failed me and that it was just as imma…


2 years ago my life was pretty simple; I was responsible for myself and sometimes the hubby, not to difficult to care for. I always wanted to be a mom but never really could wrap my brain around how much your life changes once you actually have a child to care for. The hardboiled egg that I was responsible for in grade 9 wasn't quite the same. Enter Willis. After you got past the crying, the marathon feedings, the physical pain endured, the feelings of uselessness and you've survived the utter come to realize what a blessing the little bundle you're holding is in your life. You then are overwhelmed with love for this tiny creature, for your doting husband, for your thoughtful friends and for your supportive family and you realize that it isn't that bad after all, that you can do it, and that you will be a great mother. It's quite the cycle. And that was only the first hour ;) A year later you've soaked up a fantastic mat leave and have to rea…

Friends. Part 1.

My brother is looking over my shoulder as I type this. Kinda creeping me out. Now I've lost my train of thought, which I hadn't even started yet. I've got nothing.
Game on, I remember now.
Part 1 of the Simair 3 part Summer Vacation is done. We just got back from a whirlwind/fabulous weekend with Christy, James, Grady, Candace & Gina. I'll sum up our adventures : Sunshine, zoo, buffalo, beer/clam, sunshine, Christy is 30, pool, laughter, spa, mall, wedding dresses, more laughter and great memories!

Willis got to spend the weekend being chased by Grady. It was so neat to see our little boys play together. Christy has been my true blue for 25 years and to see our kids being able to grow up together (although far apart) is heartwarming. I love my friends.

I miss the days when it was easy to get all the girls together, now they are few and far between. This particular circle of friends (Christy, Candace, Carmen, Sara & Alynne) have been around since high school and…