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Lots going on!

Sometimes I feel like I'm on a constant caffeine buzz with everything that is currently happening in life. Makes me feel even more ADHD :)
All kinds of great events have been happening in our world:
Plenty of excitement in my circle of girliefriends...Sara and Kris welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Aiden on July 23rd. We are super excited for the Phaneufs and even more excited to have yet another boy to our little gang of rugrats. Also, Candace and Mike got engaged! I love weddings and can't wait to celebrate with Candace.
We're currently prepping for our long weekend getaway with Candace to Calgary to see my BFF, Christy and her men. We can't wait to celebrate Christy's 30th, take Will to the zoo and Candace dress shopping; it'll be a fantastic weekend.
On top of this excitement, Westerns for fastball are a week away. I'm super excited to be challenged and pushed to another level of competition. This also coincides with my beautiful boy's 2nd birthday. Man, I can't believe how fast 2 years have gone by...but that's another post for next week ;)
Lastly, KYLA AND ROBBIE ARE HOME!!! well, kinda. They've made it home safely from Europe and are presently relaxing on a houseboat in the Shuswaps (?) with the Golightly clan. Jealous. At least we've been able to gab on the phone and my life is feeling more normal again. We'll be meeting up with them sometime Thursday en route to Calgary. I cannot wait to see them again.
SO, lots going on right now in my life. Makes for a memorable summer....and I still have another month of holidays!!!!


  1. so so SO EXCITED to see you and your men on the weekend. It is way overdue! Mostly I am just excited to have company at 630am! See you Thursday!


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