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Letters. Part deux

Dearest snister, Robbie G, Uncle Rob, Uncle Josh & Marina,

Today's letter is more geared to all of you, mostly because at the moment you are the Uncles and Aunties who are the farthest away and the most missed....

Willis & I have been on some rainy day adventures lately. Unfortunately, we're not golfing in Scotland, chasing the bulls in Spain, adventuring in T-dot or chilling in Brooks, like you guys. Instead, we're playing in Toys R Us, checking out animals in PetLand, running around Kyla and Rob's house, and cuddling on the couch.

We're going to PA tomorrow to catch up with the grandparents, hopefully the sun will shine for us. I'd like to take Willis to the beach on Friday. We're also going to pick strawberries at the Simair's. Saturday we'll take Willis on his first boating/fishing experience where he'll likely catch more fish than Grandpa and Dad combined. Don't worry, we realize that you won't be there, so we'll take loads of pictures and most certainly a video or two.

In the meantime, enjoy this priceless gem! I can't believe he'll be turning two in a month.

We love you and miss you all,

Willis and company.

Letters. from on Vimeo.


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