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Lots going on!

Sometimes I feel like I'm on a constant caffeine buzz with everything that is currently happening in life. Makes me feel even more ADHD :)
All kinds of great events have been happening in our world:
Plenty of excitement in my circle of girliefriends...Sara and Kris welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Aiden on July 23rd. We are super excited for the Phaneufs and even more excited to have yet another boy to our little gang of rugrats. Also, Candace and Mike got engaged! I love weddings and can't wait to celebrate with Candace.
We're currently prepping for our long weekend getaway with Candace to Calgary to see my BFF, Christy and her men. We can't wait to celebrate Christy's 30th, take Will to the zoo and Candace dress shopping; it'll be a fantastic weekend.
On top of this excitement, Westerns for fastball are a week away. I'm super excited to be challenged and pushed to another level of competition. This also coincides with my beautiful boy's 2nd birthday.…

Des lettres à ma soeur. Numero quatre

Chère Kyla et Robbie, Naturellement je n'écrirai pas toute cette lettre en français. Je voulais simplement faire semblant que je suis aussi avec vous, en Paris. La jalousie m'étrangle. Enough of that. Don't you miss the Prairies? I took this shot on the way to Carnduff this weekend. More about that later. Today was probably the first day of all twenty some that you've been gone, that I could've just sat down and cried had I let myself. I really miss you. I think the sudden onslaught of emotion was mostly in part b/c I missed chatting with you on facebook by like 4 minutes b/c I had to make a stinkin salad. Screw salads. It wasn't even good. Next week cannot come fast enough. I think I may hug you for 8 hours and then tell you every ridiculous thought that has been going through my head and then some. Willis also is missing the both of you, he definitely hasn't forgotten where you live and points it out daily. Honestly, I think you're going to be amaz…

Letters to my sister. Trois. Aller

Dearest snister,
We had a lovely time in P.A this weekend. It was a scorching 18 degrees and the sun barely shone. This pleased Dan and Rod, as the sun scares them. Also, because we were going to go fishing and to the beach, Mother Nature, that heinous wench, decided to rain. You are definitely not missing any fantastic weather over here. 20% of the weekend was nice. But enough with this weather vent, I'm now going to move on to happier things; the Wilster.

Willis was a great boater on Saturday. He played, ate candy (you're not here to stop him), touched minnows and kept us entertained. Now everytime he sees a boat, he gets all excited.
we also did some swinging at Nana and Papas....look at how much a big boy he's becoming! You'll barely recognize him. Actually, in the past couple days he has developped quite an attitude. Everything is "mine". Be prepared.
"Hotdog, MINE"-Willis
Christy, if you're reading this, yes that is the hoodie that Grady…

Letters. Part deux

Dearest snister, Robbie G, Uncle Rob, Uncle Josh & Marina,

Today's letter is more geared to all of you, mostly because at the moment you are the Uncles and Aunties who are the farthest away and the most missed....

Willis & I have been on some rainy day adventures lately. Unfortunately, we're not golfing in Scotland, chasing the bulls in Spain, adventuring in T-dot or chilling in Brooks, like you guys. Instead, we're playing in Toys R Us, checking out animals in PetLand, running around Kyla and Rob's house, and cuddling on the couch.

We're going to PA tomorrow to catch up with the grandparents, hopefully the sun will shine for us. I'd like to take Willis to the beach on Friday. We're also going to pick strawberries at the Simair's. Saturday we'll take Willis on his first boating/fishing experience where he'll likely catch more fish than Grandpa and Dad combined. Don't worry, we realize that you won't be there, so we'll take lo…

Letters to my sister. Part 1

Dear Sister,
You've been off trekking through Europe for 12 days. I don't think we've even reached the halfway point of you coming home. Sucks. I mean, I'm glad for you and everything, but it gets lonely without you. There is NO WAY you are even allowed to consider moving to the P of A. Even if you're a superstar nutritionista.
You will definitely notice changes in Willis. Already he is putting sentences together and talking more fluently using two words. He has also mastered un, deux, trois, aller! Although, he usually skips the trois and goes straight for the Aller. Figures. Willis looked at a picture of you and Robbie today and was obsessively pointing out that Robbie's in the picture. I think he misses his Uncle. Actually, today was all about Willis talking about the people he misses. During the same photo-looking session, he found one of Dan, Chris and Josh and he only would point out Josh, Josh, Josh...and then go on repeat. Then, later today when we we…

I heart books

I was trying to think last night back to when I first got hooked on books. 3 events came to mind:
1-I vaguely remember doing the Summer Reading Programs at the Cuelenaere library. I don't recall any of the books I read, although it was likely Ramona or something of that sort, all I can remember is the excitement of having a to-do list and the possibility of getting my name up on the big wall.
2-My mom was a book-pusher. She was always suggesting, recommending, encouraging me to read different books. I never did pick up "My side of the Mountain" but I did end up loving books like "Island of the Blue Dolphins" and "Little Women".
3-In University my girlfriend, Monique, worked at Chapters. We loved visiting her there and checking out the copious amounts of novels. Another friend, Michelle, suggested we form a book club to biggen our brains, vocab and appreciate for literature. I think the first book I read was that Walmart baby one, I can't remem…