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who does the Wilster look the most like?????? Photo 1 : Willis, obviously Photo 2: Dan and Monique Photo 3: Cousin Glenna and Brother Rob Photo 4: Mom and me

My Dad is great.

I'm sure I speak for Kyla and Rob when I say that we were definitely blessed with the greatest Dad of all. He loves us regardless what messes we get ourselves into and does anything he can to help us out. He loves our friends just as much (and sometimes more) than us and treats them as family. He is a fantastic grandpa to Willis and really, just a wonderful man.
We love you, Dad.

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I love Willis' newest game. It goes like this:
Mommy lays down and Willis proceeds to make sure Mommy's eyes are closed, once he's certain Mommy is sleeping he shushes everyone and tucks me in with his "bankies". When Mommy is sufficiently covered, he says "kiss" and lays a drooly smooch on me and then "hug" and squeezes his Mommy.
Knowing that Mommy is soundly asleep, Willis then proceeds to terrorize the bedroom b/c, really, no one is around to watch him. Tonight's destruction project was to put all the clean diapers into the "bar-bidge". Which reminds me, I should get those diapers out of the diaper genie before I forget.
Once this routine is done and Mommy has rested, Willis then whips the bankies off of Mommy and yells "Mooore-ning!".
And because once isn't enough of this fun, we played this lovely game 8 times tonight.


What the blurg? This past week I felt like I was on planet technology can suck it.
On Monday I was cut off from TV, internet, phone and texting. (This is all stupid Sasktel's fault and I don't even want to go there b/c my blood will boil and well, let's face it, that's not good for me or anyone, so to make a long story short, they will never be in my good books and I'll continue to bad mouth them for the rest of my life~so I say now, after my week of withdrawal, but whatevs). Oh, AND my husband was in Vancouver, so I really did have some quality time to myself.
So, anyway, back to my week without anything for entertainment....these are my observations: T.V~wouldn't really miss, except when my stupid, I need a break from life, TV shows are on. Too bad you couldn't go on a pay per use plan.
Internet~ not all that bad b/c I could access the important things from work, like FarmTown for instance, to maintain my land.
Landline~ didn't miss at all. Could like…