An Ode to My Mom

This one is for you, Ma

I had my grade 9s do a writing assignment on their Moms this week, so I've decided to walk the walk and make my very own version. In English, though.

My mom
You are a reader who shaped my imagination.
You are the devil's advocate, pushing me to think.
You are a voice of reason, even when I try to ignore you.
You are cultured and worldly and good at Scrabble.
You are reliable, intelligent and honest.
I love that you taught me how to wear makeup, but still emphasized the importance of inner beauty.
I love how you call me every other day, just to see what's up.
I love the importance you placed on family.
I love watching you be a Grandma to Willis, 
but mostly I love you for loving me.

happy mother's day!