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I'm all about nostalgia. Bring on a certain sound, taste or smell and I'm brought into a particular season or mood.
Today I was concentrating my nose.
I think summer is full of pleasant smells. Some of my favourites are : freshly mowed lawn, 10 minutes before a rainstorm, nectarine, pool, wet dirt & sprinklers. Give me any of those odours and I instantly relax and have the urge to sit on the deck with my favourite book and a Corona.
We had a dinner date tonight with the broinlaw, Chris, and his super awesome girlfriend, Marina (whom I secretly like more than him ;) It was a stupendous supper, but the wine and cheese brought out unpleasantness. Normally I like cheese, but husband chose some big stinkers this time from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse.
My most unfavourite smells are: gross blue cheese, creamy armpit~bert, smelly foot/drunken goat vomit & horseradish brie. I'm pretty sure that was exactly what they were named too. Yuck. Thankfully I was in good company, othe…

Shellbrook Ganza

I've been playing competitive fastball for probably 20 years, 10 of those have been with the Shellbrook Ganza. People call us crazy for driving to the Brook for practices and games, but there's really no other way to have it. It's so hard to find a team of girls who all get along, with a coach who still pushes them and keeps stats. I would find it very difficult to not play.

We had a one day tournament today in Martensville. It was nice to finally feel the hot sun and enjoy the outdoors, hit some balls and catch some flies. Dan got to spend a day, catching up with Willis, who came to one of the games. It was neat to have him watch me so intently. Made me remember the days of chasing fly balls in Shellbrook, being dragged around to ball games to watch my Dad play. Now I have someone watching me, kinda makes you think of how much you can affect and shape someone's life.
Thanks for that, Mom and Dad.

Yo Yo

I'm singlemomming it again this week and have had plenty of conversations with myself about blog topics. Because I couldn't pin down a specific topic for this post, here are some randoms.
You have been awarded 5 minutes in my brain. This is what's been happening:
1-Why is my house always a mess? Why can't everything have it's perfect place, in it's perfect spot? Hmph, I'm sure if it was that way, I'd want to move again. Dan and I went to a showhome on the other side of Stonebridge, HELLO DREAM CLOSET!!!! (Showhome, view showhomes, 111 Robertson Cove) Now THAT would be a perfect home for my shoes. Surprisingly, my 'collection' (husband, you have your coins, I have my shoes) is not as big as I thought it to be. 41 is a very reasonable number, seriously, I thought I had way more than that.
2-I wish I could dance. Does anyone want to sign up for a one day dance class with me, offered through ClubMynx??? I spend most of my time singing in my head, an…


I sometimes feel bad for people who don't have kids.

I can no longer remember a life without a little someone who depends on me. Every day I get to witness an adorable little boy who eagerly learns something new, or tries something for the very first time or unabashedly hugs me for the millioneth time, proclaiming "wuv-ew". It is truly the best thing I'll ever do with my life. No career could ever top having a son.
Willis was introduced to the webcam today. We bought one in hopes to keep things closer for Willis with his cherished Nanas and Papas. Today he got to say hello to his Great Grandma and Grandpa Monette, as well as Uncle Josh and Nana and Papa. He tried to share his banana with them. Later, he phoned Aunty Kyla, and the other Nana and Papa. He blew them kisses. Everyday keeps getting better. I wuv my wittle boy.

An Ode to My Mom

This one is for you, Ma
I had my grade 9s do a writing assignment on their Moms this week, so I've decided to walk the walk and make my very own version. In English, though.
My mom You are a reader who shaped my imagination. You are the devil's advocate, pushing me to think. You are a voice of reason, even when I try to ignore you. You are cultured and worldly and good at Scrabble. You are reliable, intelligent and honest. I love that you taught me how to wear makeup, but still emphasized the importance of inner beauty. I love how you call me every other day, just to see what's up. I love the importance you placed on family. I love watching you be a Grandma to Willis,  but mostly I love you for loving me.
happy mother's day!

My husband, the smartass

Oh, what have I gotten myself into????????????????? He's trouble (and he used to have hair!!!)
He does manage to keep me laughing....

A better me.

There are many things that I am not, and I'm fully aware of them: I'm not patient, although Mom seems to think I was the patient child, I'm not a good saver....apparently my concept of saving is quite different compared to darling husband's. I'm constantly changing things, which I think is a good thing, because I never get bored, but some would argue against my reasoning.

I could go on, but that's not the point, my point is that I can't remember at what point in my life I became aware of these things and accepted them, loving myself, regardless. Will I ever change and improve these areas, who knows? All I know is that at this point in my life, I'm happy where I am and will try to be a better person every step of the way.

Wait, the point of this blog was not psychoanalysis, I did have a few ideas that popped into my mind during this last week.

1-I never want to be a single mom. I just finished 2 weeks in a row with husband in Vancouver. I don't kno…