Surprised! again.


There's nothing I enjoy more than having my family and friends together.
Saturday I was surprised with a 2nd b'day party that brought together some very special people in my life. Let me tell you about my day.
I had planned on going to the mall with Sara, Alynne and Candace at 11:30, and then Kyla was to meet me there where we'd continue on with my afternoon with her, which was her b'day present to me. Apparently I'm easily fooled. Instead, I was whisked away to Angles Salon for pedicures with the girls, then I was treated to a facial and a massage. Not a bad way to spend the day!
Kyla had told me that she'd pick me up after, but instead I was greated by my brother who lives in Brooks, Alberta and I definitely didn't expect to see at the Midtown Plaza on a Saturday afternoon.
So, Rob gives me a note from Ky and money saying you have this much time, you need to buy a dress or if you have a dress, you need to accessorize it, GO! Hello, could this day get any better? I love shopping! So I easily picked out a cute blue polka dotted dress.
Robbie then took his sweet time, driving around and leading me astray. I could not figure out where we were going. He later blindfolded me and led me into my house, upstairs to my room where I was instructed to have a bubble bath and get glammed up. I got dressed in my new attire, my makeup was done and Kyla did my hair. I had no freaking clue what we were doing, many things were going through my mind :
1-Knowing Rob was home, I figured Mom and Dad wouldn't be far, so I thought we were going for a nice family supper
2-I figured the girls would be in on it, having taken part in the morning's activities.
3-I also thought that maybe we were going to get formal family photos done.
4-Oh, and I'm not going to lie, it also crossed my mind that perhaps NKOTB were back in town to do a private show for me. Haha.
Anyway, after I was all done up, I was once again blindfolded and brought to the basement where I found great friends, all formalized and pretty as well. We visited and had wine and cheese and then were later escorted upstairs for a fantastic catered meal, cake and toasts that made me cry more than I think I did at our wedding.
Overall, the night left me feeling so loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I was deeply touched by the words said by my friends and will never forget this wonderful night.
Life is great & 30 is proving to be not so bad afterall.

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30 it is.


I love birthdays, especially mine! Today was the perfect day, organized by my most perfect sister. I got to spend the morning with my boys, we played hide and seek and ring around the rosy. Then my parents, my grandma, my cousins, my bros in law and my girls came over for a BBQ on a most beautiful sunshiney day. Can't ask for much more.

Honestly, my favourite part of birthdays are the cards. I love reading thoughtful words from important people. I probably have saved almost every card I've received in my life, mostly because I like to go back to read uplifting words from these people. They really make my day when I need it the most.
My sister always manages to make me cry in her cards. She is so sweet and honest and well, I could go on forever. I would only hope everyone could have a sister like her.

Being a thinker, I've been remembering where I was 10 years ago and what has happened in my life, but mostly I've been realizing how quickly 10 years can fly by. Scary.
There are many things I'd like to do in the next decade, I'll leave you today with a glimpse of what's to come.......
1-I'd love to have 3 or 4, possibly 5 kids.
2-I want to change careers and do something more creative, possibly videography/video-editing.
3- I want to grow to become the parent for Willis that my parents were for me. They are truly wonderful.
4-I want to fall in love with Dan more each day and find ways to keep things interesting...any suggestions?
5-I want to cherish my friends, old and new. I'm so lucky to have a solid group of girlfriends from high school, which is a rarity, and a BFF for the past 25 years, but there are also old friendships that I want to rekindle with people who were once so important to me and friends I don't see as much as I'd like to. So, to sum that one up : focus on maintaining friendships.
6-I want to continue doing crazy things, like going to see concerts multiple times and hanging out around tour busses to meet hunky childhood idols.

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