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London 4: The Lion King got Stomped

We had another busy day visiting all the McDonalds of London.  Seriously, if I have to eat there again I am going to lose my marbles.  I know, I know, I'm the adult that pays for the food, but the kids think everything here tastes weird.  Luckily, they have fruit with the Happy Meals?  We found a quaint corner to eat our lunch today, mostly because we didn't wake up until 10 and didn't get rolling until 1130 again.  Slackers.

Instead of cabbing to our matinee, we walked.  I have learned that Willis likes to know where we're going and I have no clue what I'm I've started just making things up.  Lucia is a little more laid back and it's kinda cute that she can tell when I'm either stressed or upset and will quickly take my hand and either give my arm a kiss or squeeze my hand twice for our secret sign language for I love you.  Navigating busy streets with oodles of people and a drunken Siri is sometimes a little much.

Luckily we found our spot…
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London 3: it was Wicked

I was toying with not posting tonight, but then Christy texted me and told me she likes my posts and that I'm a good storyteller, so today's post is running purely on my love for my true blue friend.  Now let me tell you a little story about my day.....

Dear Diary,

I woke up early 8:30 to get caught up on some cyber while the kids slept and it was heavenly.  I think that's one of my favourite things about being over here- I can be up at 8 and everyone at home is asleep, so I get a ton of work done.  The kids finally woke up around 9:45  and I enjoyed an espresso while they watched a cartoon.  "Even the cartoons sound British!"- says the monkeys.

We didn't get rolling until noon after meeting Dad for lunch and our goal was to do something, then head to our matinee of Wicked.  When I say "do something" what I really mean is find a Marks & Spencer and explore.

The kids gave me 30 minutes and I managed to find a very British inspired top, pants and…

London 2: Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge

That 6:45 am alarm came much to suddenly this morning.  In retrospect, I should have given us 2 days to adjust to time here, who knew that on Day 2 the kids would still be asking for sleep.  Regardless, they got up and were ready for our day trip to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.

First up was Windsor Castle, the weekend residence of the Queen.  I really think Lucia didn't believe Queens existed up until today.  A Queen was classified as a mythical creature along with unicorns and the Gruffalo until I had to explain to her that she did in fact exist, that she lived in this castle and that she reminds us every day of Grams.  So then that sent her on a frenzy of questions of -is this where she comes into her house too? and -does she mind having all these people around? was kinda cute.

They weren't as into the castle as I was...and we had to do a lot of talking as we walked through the State Apartment and the Doll House area...I loved how ornate the place was.  Actually, I th…

London 1

Sunday/Monday was a blur.   It went from cruising around Toronto (that means shopping) with the little group of Blended Bloggers that were left over to heading to the airport to meet Dan and the kids then to an overnight flight to Dublin and then another 2ish hour flight to London.  At least the kids slept an hour or two, but I couldn't do it.   Currently in zombie mode.   When we got to our hotel (MalMaison Charterhouse Square) we had to nap. Well I had to anyway before I started losing it.   After an hour long family nap, Dan headed to work and I decided to take the kids out on an adventure in the neighbourhood.  We're only 850 metres from St. Paul's Cathedral and I hadn't visited it last time I was here so it was an easy pick. First I had to devise a plan to keep them engaged and because Pokemon is all they ever want, it was an easy bait.  The deal was that if they came and learned something with me, they got to have some Pokemon time in the area. It worked like a …

A blogger meet up in Toronto

It was like a weekend long blind date...... e-Harmony but for friends..... Possibly one of the craziest things I've done..... But I spent the weekend with 10 other women whom I met online. Well, except for my real life bestie on the far right. We have a group of 14 bloggers who have been collabing since the spring of 2014 and what first was simple blog fun has quickly become a sisterhood.   Last year we met in Vegas, this year we settled for Toronto and had 11 members.
Trip highlights include a bus trip with wine and Niagara Falls, a walking tour of downtown Toronto, plenty of great meals, a shopping adventure and rooftop hot tubs at night.  I could go into the details, but for me, the actual trip to Toronto wasn't why I went...the Jays weren't even playing. What brings me the most joy about this trip is the fact that women from all walks of life, all ages (we had 30, 40 and 50 somethings) with a gamut of different interests took a leap of faith and traveled to meet women…