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Summer Photos

Today I am writing with hope as we enter (finally) on the last week of school.  Hope for a relaxing summer filled with many more memories.  Hope that the pool can be fixed today, you'll have to stay tuned for news on that.  But also hope that we can just sit back and relax for awhile and just be....
So keeping with the theme that the girls are posting on the Blended Blog today "Summer Photos Tips"- I thought I would join in the fun but swing it to be more my favourite summer photos and tips on how to make the most of it.  

1- Spend time with family and drink the beer. Screw calorie counting.

2- Float.  We won't be making a trip to my happy place this summer but I can still float in other lakes.  And trust me, I will.

3- Enjoy nature and all the colours that come alive.

4- Breathe in that fresh air...typically I love that mountain air in the summer and I hope I can squeeze a trip in when we head to Calgary to visit the bestie and brother.

5- Campfires!  I honestly ca…
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ha.  This should be entitled: Reflections no more.  The pool went down with the wind and I'm still a grouch.

The before and after

 So I could focus on the grouchy stuff, but instead I need to realign myself and concentrate on the good. Because hidden in that crazy mess- there is mostly beauty.  It's just hard to concentrate on it when your vision is clouded, isn't it?

1)  A healthy Lucia.  She came down with a weird virus that had her out for a bit.  I'm pretty sure it was fifths' disease with the way the rashes were.  It only really took her out one day and then she bounced back.  So yay for that.

2) Time with friends:  I seriously start to notice if I haven't seen my friends in awhile..I get grumpy and start craving ceasars and shrimp.  Luckily I have the opportunity to see them often, whether it's monthly with our Splurge group or at random birthday parties where Sara makes us dress up as Trolls.

Okay, busted, we really stole them from our kids.
3)  The …

Grouchy Deena: Style Link Up.

Truth be told, I'm in a pissy mood: more pool woes.

I'm sitting here, totally and completely unable to do anything while winds of 30 km are making my pool billow and balloon.  I doubt it will be standing in the morning, when winds of 80 km are supposed to hit.  Sigh.  I see all my summertime dreams being blown away and I am so angry.

So I'll roll with this picture for my outfit post today- except I wish it said 'Deena' instead of Toronto.

All I want to do is float.  I know, there could be worse- I have a roof over my head and health.  Gawd, this isn't even a tornado that Beth and her family lived through.  I'm being ridiculous. I have a good life.  I'll stop bitching.  I really need to gain some perspective before I lose my marbles over something I can't control. 

It's bad enough that this stupid windy night with a stupid useless contractor who couldn't fix the pool when he said he would and won't return my texts, had me stress eating.…

Beating the heat this summer

Current status of pool: still not repaired.
My mood: aggravated/irritated/annoyed.

I have come to realize that I don't like when things are out of my control.  I want my pool fixed but don't have the madskillz to make it happen.  The guy who is supposed to fix my pool is clearly too busy to return my texts, and I'm not even being annoying. Yet.  I have since brought in another company to get it going and with fingers crossed- this will be the week that all the stars are aligned and we can finally bring on summer.

Because having a pool but not water in it makes me sad and the thought of it not working at all makes me sadder.  And thusly, I have decided to hop on the Blended Blog's Hop Wagon to talk about ways that I plan on Beating the Heat this case of no pool.

1) Try something new: If I had a lake in my backyard and a paddle board, I would be out on it every day.  There's nothing more exhilarating than trying a new summer time sport, even if said sport…

Good grief?

Grief, she's a funny thing.

Every year as June 14th approaches, I find myself getting drawn back into the memories, the emotions and the raw feelings that grief entails.  I have had 16 years to deal with this and what I've learned is that it doesn't necessarily get any easier, just different.

I had no experience with real grief before losing one of my best friends, therefore I had no idea how to cope.  Thankfully my net of support was all encompassing and they understood when I needed to talk or when I needed to cry.

For the first year after Kelly died, I did just that: I cried daily and visited her grave religiously.
After the year anniversary, the tears slowly dissipated but they were replaced with a raw sadness; a sadness realizing just how much you can miss someone's presence in your life.
Then slowly over the years, I started to smile again when I thought of her and I would purposely bring to mind memories of her in hopes of not forgetting.

You see, I think the th…

The Blended Blog Style 2: Link up

I have some things on my mind, but I couldn't gather the words for the post.  So I'm going to try again later this week.   Instead I'll roll with fashion because I took these pictures last weekend and I might as well use them.

This is item number two purchased while in London at my new favourite store, Marks & Spencer- which makes me want to try to order online and see how that is for shipping to Canada.  I'll wait until fall though- I find little desire to shop in the summer (insert eye roll and yeah, right from husband) (and Christy)
So this peplum top caught my eye because of the shape- most times peplums sit right on my belly and make me look 8000 months pregnant.  This one hangs long enough that I feel comfortable.  I also really liked the colours in it.

I also figured it would look good dressed up or down, thinking I could pair it with my Aritzia pencil skirt and just as easily wear it with jean shorts. Speaking of which, I tend to shy away from jean shorts,…

Lucia turns 7

My girl turned 7 today and her 365 day countdown finally came to an end.  I swear she's been looking forward to her bday since June 11th, 2016.  She went to bed the night before giddy and woke up just as joyful to finally be 7.   As per her request, the night was spent with her cousins for a sleepover and it just made sense to me to have them there with us to celebrate our Lucia.

Lucia, my light.   To know Lucia is to understand her compassion for everybody.  From the bully in the classroom to the adult she barely knows; Lucia will reach out to anyone.  She has genuine concern for people being left out and does not like seeing people's feelings hurt. To know Lucia is to get how one minute she can be a giggly mess, wearing her heart on her sleeve and then suddenly break out in anger.  Lucia is fiesty and to be feared; her emotions ready to burst at the seams.

Lucia likes to feel special, but will never admit it.  She enjoys attention in a meek manner and her pride in her work …